Commo Spies Among Us By James Reed

     Seen any communist spies lately? Well for us Australians, probably our whole intellectual infrastructure is full of communist Chinese agents: 

     But, that was the decision made by our power elites in the Asianisation programme, to abandon the West and our Anglo Saxon heritage, to create a Chinese colony in the former land of Australia. There is lip service about excess Chinese influence now, but this is just what was created.

     However, even in Britain communist spies get rewarded, big time: 

“Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Ken Livingstone were among a group of at least 15 Labour figures who passed information to the Soviet Union, a former Eastern-bloc agent has claimed. Former Czechoslovak spy Jan Sarkocy said the hard-Left politicians were ‘great sources’ in the 1980s. Mr Sarkocy, 64, claims there is ‘no question’ Mr Corbyn and his Labour colleagues knew he was a spy and said: ‘Everything was absolutely clear at the time.’

Mr Livingstone, then a Labour MP, was a ‘good boy’, the Czech agent told the Sunday Telegraph. He said he had met ‘about ‘10 or 15’ Labour MPs but did not name them. Labour has dismissed Mr Sarkocy’s latest claims, which come after he previously alleged Mr Corbyn was a paid informant of the Czech secret police at the height of the Cold War. Mr Livingstone last night denied the accusations, saying they were a ‘tissue of lies’. He admitted meeting a Russian ‘representative’ though said nothing happened.”

     True or not? Who knows, but it certainly seems plausible enough since the sons and daughters of the chattering lass in the 1960s all loved communist countries, and in fact still do. Consider the present media response to North Korea, which should be viewed as a major existential threat, but instead, gets a free ride because, well, its part of the Leftist family of pets: 

“What Mr. Shapiro did not point out, but would undoubtedly agree with, is that the media’s blind spot extends to the North Korean regime’s racial policies. As chronicled in the book The Cleanest Race by B.R. Myers, North Korea is bound together by a certain sense of blood loyalty more than any kind of Communist dogma or Juche ideology. The North Korean regime’s efforts to protect the racial and cultural purity of the Korean people is an important part of the government’s legitimacy.

According to Mr. Myers, the North Korean regime now admits South Korea has been more successful in pursuing economic growth, but only at the cost of becoming what North Korea portrays as a decadent cultural colony of the United States and its globalist system. Indeed, some white advocates also have sympathy for North Korea for this reason, something you would expect liberal reporters, who are so fond of playing guilt-by-association, to seize upon and use against the regime.

The error Mr. Shapiro makes is typical of conservatives. He thinks the “what” of politics, the policies and system of government, is more important than the “who” of politics, the question of what group benefits. The mainstream media seem quite willing to tolerate authoritarianism and strong government if they are in the service of non-whites. They condemn Russia, Poland, and Hungary, not because they oppose “limited government principles,” but because they see their governments as acting openly in the interests of white populations and traditional Western values.

North Korea won praise because its military adventurism, over-the-top nationalism and frank racial chauvinism ostensibly benefit nonwhites. Hungary, Poland and Russia are far more libertarian than North Korea, and arguably more than some Western countries that regulate political speech, such as Germany. Yet in recent months, these right-leaning governments are receiving worse press than North Korea. If you are viewing this from the perspective of “limited government principles,” this makes no sense. But viewed from the perspective of race and culture, it makes perfect sense. And as long as Beltway Right mouthpieces such as Mr. Shapiro fail to notice this, conservatives will remain unable to combat media bias.”

     As this analysis makes clear, it is really the race factor which tips the balance in the Leftoid’s position: if it can help bring down the West, it is good: otherwise it is to be condemned. Leftism is indeed a virus infection of the mind, a form of White pathology, more dangerous than any physical disease because is is an illness of the racial soul of the West itself:



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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