“Climate Primitives” Want to Destroy Western Civilisation! By James Reed

I have not been following my local hero Andrew Bolt much, as energies have been devoted to more global issues. Still, I am pleased to see him delivering it to the crazy Greenies who are wanting to abandon all fossil fuels, at a time when millions face starvation from food shortages, and fuel is needed as never before. How some transition to a world of sustainable, so-called, and renewable energy is to be made, is not thought through by said crazies, but is a religious icon as sacred as the Covid vaxxes. Bolt speaks of “climate primitives,” but this revolt against civilisation has always been a strong current in Leftist thought, which is parasitic, and seeks to destroy that which exists, rather than create. This innate destructiveness may explain the passion for abortion Leftist have, when one would have thought that conservation would have given a pro-life philosophy. Not so.




“Australian commentator Andrew Bolt has come up with a great term for the green fanatics who are shutting down energy production from dependable fuels with no reliable alternatives.  They reject modern agriculture because it uses chemicals derived from hydrocarbons, but offer no prospect of feeding the earth’s hungry billions. Bolt’s latest column (paywalled) the Herald Sun in Melbourne (he also appears on Sky News) has come up with an apt term for such people: “Climate primitives.”

Because of the paywall, I must limit myself to fair use excerpts, but the logic of what he says is strong enough that readers can grasp the essence.

Congratulations! We’re now becoming one of those primitive societies that our earth-worshipping Left dream lived in “harmony” with nature. (snip)

… like pre-colonialism Tasmanian Aborigines, who for some bizarre reason gave up fishing 4000 years ago, even though it often meant going hungry in winter.

Or like people living in parts of Nigeria who won’t feed their growing children meat or eggs for fear the spirits will make them grow evil.


Or like the Kiriwina Islanders, who banned pregnant women from eating bananas and mangoes – the kinds of foods they needed most. (snip)

… these modern primitives… have said gas, coal, oil and nuclear power are all taboo. Sins against nature. (snip)

This is a back-to-the caves primitivism, driven not by reason but the latest earth-worshipping faith. Nothing these people say makes sense.  (snip)

… even if Australia did get rid of all its coal, gas and oil, the difference we’d make to the climate is about zero – but the difference we’d make to our lives would be the true catastrophe.

Well done! These climate primitives are impoverishing us to satisfy their own superstitions in the form of computer models that fail work when applied retroactively.”

Truer words have never been said.







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Wednesday, 17 August 2022