Civil War Assassinations: The BLM/Antifa Murder of Aaron Jay Danielson By Charles Taylor

     I am having a bit of trouble putting it all together, but the short of he long is that BLM/Antifa murdered a Trump supporter, with a planned assassination. Anyway, the killer who was on the run decided to fight it out with police, and was killed in a firefight. What is interesting for us, especially an Australian audience, is the video which show how all of this unfolded. The feral video puts the case that BLM/Antifa have become organised into hit squads to engage in urban terrorism much like the IRA used to do, but more sinister, since individuals are targeted because of their political beliefs. The trigger puller has been killed, but behind him is a whole network of terrorism.

     Trump has work on his hands, but he needs to stop sitting on his hands and get to work. The case is being put on various sites that once were solely concerned with intellectual issues, that civil war is inevitable:

“Something’s not right. All around us, society seems to be sinking into decay, and we don’t recognize, let alone even know, the people living right next door to us. The media sells illusory progress with the latest gadgets and fads, and for all the talk of “social justice,” there’s scant justice to be had. Alienation, violence, dereliction, and despair fester as the wounds turn septic, and the people are literally sick to death. The “nameless” system of neo-liberalism is the worst of both worlds: a government willing to “play God”, going so far as to generate an entirely new population amenable to their designs – a global population of rootless producers and consumers – and an oligarchic set of international bankers and businessmen who’ve seen to it that the game is rigged in their favor. This is a system of irreconcilable contradictions, one that peddles “equality” but produces the greatest material disparity. It peddles “liberty” while crushing all dissent. It celebrates “diversity” but is soul-crushingly uniform. Its illusory “progress” looks more like a medieval fiefdom than the always just-out-of-reach utopia the charlatans promise is just around the corner with one more concession, always more until there’s nothing left. 'The God That Failed' will drag the hideous “nameless” system into the light and expose its hypocrisy, lies, and destruction.” Good work; its on the reading/review list. 



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Sunday, 23 June 2024

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