Chinese to Buy Virgin By Bruce Bennett, or: 布鲁斯·贝内特 Bùlǔsī·bèi nèi tè!

     That is my new Chinese name, as I am transitioning, not in terms of gender, long gone, but ethno-nationally, as I become Chinese, to get into the coronavirus spirit of Western implosion and Chinese triumphism, not Trumpism. Being a pathetic loser all of my life, I want to get on the side of the winning team! At first, I thought that the headline showed that Australia was so bad off that it was now selling its virgins, but that could not be, as one would be hard pressed to find any, over the age of about 10 years! No, it’s the airplane, and the Australian government won’t bail it out, so the Chinese go after it, and who can blame them? Money for jam, or is it rice and milk, with jam? It is just the natural selection that goes with business, and Australia is always on the back burner here. I just hope the owners get rid of that name, which causes me all sorts of mental trauma (why?), and substitute a more modest Chinese name, as I am sure they can do. Let me help them:

Chúndù (Purity)

I like the sound of Purity Airlines. My next choice is Corona Airlines:

Diàn yūn hángkōng

     What could be more topical for a disease that has delivered the number 1 position to China overnight, as the West crashes and burns? Good for them!  You can have the ideas, my corporate masters, for I am but your humble servant, eager to please you, and to obey, in this, the new world.

“Chinese airlines are considering buying embattled Virgin Australia after the Morrison government refused to bail out the struggling airline. China Southern Airlines, China East Airlines and Air China are all in discussions about purchasing the carrier in a last-minute takeover in a bid to stop its 'catastrophic' collapse. Sources told the Courier Mail that the Chinese government-owned airlines were yet to make a formal offer. However, any offer could provide a much-needed lifeline to Virgin Australia and the market-led cash solution the Morrison government urged them to find. Virgin Australia wanted the Federal Government to hand over $1.4billion to save them from collapse but the money has not been forthcoming. A joint approach from two Chinese carriers could see the foreign-owned Virgin Australia Group prevented from falling into voluntary administration. The move would likely require approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board before a solution could be reached. It is believed Australians would lose millions of Velocity Points and flight credits if the company went into administration. On Friday night it was revealed that the Queensland government will offer the troubled airline $200million towards a bailout in the hope that other states will follow suit.   The company's corporate headquarters are located in Brisbane but the head office and Velocity Frequent Flyer businesses may potentially move to Melbourne. The managing director of the Virgin Australia Group, Paul Scurrah, on Wednesday refused to speculate about voluntary administration.”

     When the Great Depression 2.0 finally bites into Australia’s butt, and the classic “blood in the street” financial time comes, I would be disappointed if our new owners do not buy up what is left of Australia. Best of all will be to buy Parliament House Canberra, and maybe turn it into a small techno-city of the future, like the old failed MFP, the Multifunction Pois, a great blast from the past. Or, maybe just bulldoze it all, and make it into a post-apocalyptic theme park for tourists:



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Saturday, 20 July 2024

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