Chinese owned Capilano Honey bribe Australian judges so they can sell their fake imported honey in Australia By Shane Dowling

May 23, 2020

Capilano Honey, which is now majority-owned and controlled by Chinese companies and investors, is suing journalist Shane Dowling so they can continue to sell their fake honey in Australia. The hearing is scheduled to start Monday (25-5-20) and run for three days until Wednesday (27-5-20).

The matter has been going since October 2016 and without a doubt, Chinese companies will see it as a test case to see if they can use Australian courts to give them the green light to continue their involvement in global food fraud and possibly other crimes. Most countries, including Australia, are involved in food fraud in one way or another, not just China.

But China is the largest honey producer in the world and is also regarded as the global leader in selling fake honey and claims Capilano Honey has also been involved in honey fraud have been around for years.

Capilano Honey’s case is scandalous and a blatant SLAPP lawsuit

When Capilano and their then CEO Ben McKee first started suing me in October 2016, because I wrote about them suing beekeeper Simon Mulvany, they were listed on the Australian stock market with Channel 7 owner Kerry Stokes as their largest shareholder. The key point is that Channel Seven’s Today Tonight program broadcast unchallenged claims that in 2008 and 2011 that Capilano Honey was selling polluted and poisonous honey. (Click here for full article)



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