China Says Covid From India By Brian Simpson

China says that ScoMo is over-reacting about the Aussie soldier genocide baby killer meme. Of course. But, what about their sensitivity about Covid-19, and the oodles of evidence showing that China basically intentionally or negligently allowed the virus to get to the West wrecking economies … a double standard, eh? And, now poor India, who is nearly at war with India, and never harmed anyone, giving us beautiful curry food, is targeted by China as responsible for Covid-19. Go figure.

“Chinese researchers have claimed that coronavirus originated in India, in the latest attempt by academics to pin blame for the pandemic outside their borders.

A team from the Chinese Academy of Sciences argues the virus likely originated in India in summer 2019 - jumping from animals to humans via contaminated water - before travelling unnoticed to Wuhan, where it was first detected.

But David Robertson, and expert from Glasgow University, called the paper 'very flawed' and concluded 'it adds nothing to our understanding of coronavirus'.

It is not the first time that Chinese authorities have pointed the finger of blame elsewhere - suggesting, largely without evidence, that both Italy and the US could be the site of the original infection.

And it comes against a backdrop of increased political tensions between India and China, with troops attacking each-other along a disputed border.”

I have no doubt that Indian scientists will destroy China’s claim.




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Monday, 22 April 2024

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