China Prepares for War! By James Reed

     An update as we move towards the final curtain, the nuclear one. We knew deep down that it had to end like this; original sin, an overload of evil dominating the world for thousands of years, Satanic influences, demons let loose to roam the Earth, and other inconvenient concepts. Better start praying, if you are not already, because given all our problems, divine intervention would be welcome.

“China must “be prepared” for war amid escalating territorial conflicts with neighboring countries that have increased the risk of military conflict in recent months, the Chinese Communist Party newspaper Global Times argued on Friday. In an editorial titled “China must be militarily and morally prepared for war,” Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin claimed that although the Chinese people do not want war, Beijing’s worsening territorial disputes with other countries, such as India, threaten to disrupt the status quo. China is currently engaged in “territorial disputes with several neighboring countries encouraged by the U.S. to confront China,” Hu claimed. “Some of these countries believe that the U.S. support provides them with a strategic opportunity and try to treat China outrageously. They believe that China, under the U.S.’ strategic pressure, is afraid, unwilling, or unable to engage in military conflict with them.” The addition of other conflicts outside of South Asia, such Beijing’s illegal efforts to conquer the South China Sea – specifically its stated aim to “reunify” Taiwan, a sovereign island bordering the sea, with China by force if necessary – means that “the risk of the Chinese mainland being forced into a war has risen sharply in recent times,” according to Hu. “Chinese society must therefore have real courage to engage calmly in a war that aims to protect core interests and be prepared to bear the cost,” he added. “We are confident to win on the battlefield if conflicts are fought with neighboring forces that have territorial disputes with China. Similarly, if there is a war with the U.S. near China’s coastal waters, we also have a good chance of victory,” Hu predicted. The editor proposed a list of five actions China should take “[b]efore engaging in war with a neighboring force.” The fifth proposal states that Beijing “must deliver an ultimatum in advance so that a just war can be started in an upright manner,” though Hu adds that this action should be taken “only in extreme situations, if we need to fire the first shots.” China’s territorial conflicts with both India and Taiwan continue to escalate. On Thursday, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said that Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) warplanes violated Taiwanese airspace for the second consecutive day this week. The ministry condemned the intrusions as “a destabilizing action which threatened regional peace.” China and India have been engaged in a border standoff in the western Himalayas since May. The conflict caused the deadliest border clash in 45 years between the two nation’s border regiments on June 15. On Monday, both sides accused each other of firing at opposing border regiments near India’s northern Ladakh territory. If true, the incident would mark the first gunshots fired along the India-China border in 45 years. The defense ministers of both nations met this week in Moscow for diplomatic talks described by Chinese media as the “last chance” to avoid war.”

     It is just talk, of course, and this alleged preventative measure will just not happen. It will be action stations, and nuclear guns a blazing. The situation is like the classic gangland standoff were everyone has loaded weapons pointing to each other, ready to go. It takes only one stray noise, a car backfiring, a horn going off, and suddenly everything is lit up. That is what is likely to happen now, especially with an India/China standoff. And both countries, unlike weak defenceless Australia, have plenty of nuclear weapons. Just imagine, India has nuclear weapons, Australia none. But, governments in the 1940s thought that populate or perish meant that Australia needed more non-Anglo migrants! Wow, and that went down after the nuclear bomb had gone off … no conspiracy to see here! India, with a vast population could see the future, but not our “leaders.” What a place this country is, it never wanted long-term survival, only short-term consumerism, and profits for the local super-capitalists.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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