China Loves the Labor Party. Guess Why? By James Reed

     To find out the answer to that question, we need to consult, “Their” ABC:

“China's state-owned media outlet Global Times has released an editorial saying it is "far from optimistic again" about Chinese-Australian relations after Prime Minister Scott Morrison's unexpected election win. Key points:

•    Chinese state media says China-Australia relations have deteriorated in recent years
•    A Global Times editorial described the shock election result as "far from optimistic" for foreign relations
•    Former prime minister Paul Keating said spy chiefs were "nutters" and sacking them would improve relations

     In an editorial posted to the newspaper's official WeChat account just after midnight following the election, the newspaper said Chinese people were concerned about the impact Mr Morrison's election would have on foreign relations.

"This election result also means that China-Australia relations, which have deteriorated in recent years under the leadership of the ruling Coalition formed by the Australian Liberal Party and the National Party, will continue to have uncertain prospects," the editorial read. "According to the statements made by the Australian media and some Labor Party politicians before the election, it seemed that if the Labor Party wins the election, the party will bring some positive changes to the China-Australia relations." The editorial pointed to comments from former prime minister and Labor leader Paul Keating, who said Australia's spy chiefs are "nutters" who should be sacked in order to improve relations with China. "Paul Keating, the former prime minister of the Labor Party who used to be friendly to China, publicly urged the Labor Party to expel the head of ASIO immediately, after the party wins the election. He said that the madman had destroyed the China-Australian relations," the editorial read. Former Labor leader Bill Shorten said he disagreed with Mr Keating's comments, however, Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese — who has tossed his hat in the ring for the Labor leadership after Mr Shorten's resignation — said Mr Keating's comments reflected broader concerns about attitudes towards China and said Australia needed to be careful not to be "xenophobic when it comes to China and the role of China in the region".

     Can you imagine the Chinese political class saying that their spy chiefs were “nutters”? Why don’t the Australian China fanboys go live in China and just leave us in the poverty of xenophobia? And, if the Chinese love these glazed-eyed Labor types then they should have been a wee bit better in election-meddling and have funnelled more money into promoting the China regime, not to say that there is anything wrong with that compared to all the mischief that the US gets up to. Overall it is a pretty poor effort, and if China want to continue the game of being number one, then they need to work harder, train harder, and get down and boogie on the globalist dance floor with the new improved Labor Party, shaking what they have got, witch all of those faceless zombie Laborites.



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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