China is Culpable By Chris Knight

     However it is viewed, as a bioweapon gone wrong, or simply an evolved virus flowing freely in wet markets, Senator Tom cotton has taken the simple approach, that China is culpable.

“Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) argued when determining how and whether or not China was responsible for coronavirus global pandemic, it was undeniable China allowed the virus to spread beyond its borders. He told FNC’s Neil Cavuto that for that reason, the Chinese Communist Party was “culpable” for allowing COVID-19 to become a global pandemic. “Whatever the origins of this virus — and, right now, I think the best circumstantial evidence points to those labs in Wuhan,” Cotton said. “But whatever the origins of it, it’s clear to me that, once China realized how deadly this virus could be to some people and how contagious this virus was, that they made the conscious decision to let it get outside of their borders. They didn’t stop international air travel. They pressured countries not to impose travel restrictions. “They pressured the WHO to oppose travel restrictions as well, even when they knew, as far back as early December, that this virus was highly contagious and very deadly,” he continued. “So, whatever the origins of this virus may ultimately be, even if it was an accident or a mistake, the Chinese Communist Party is culpable for turning what could have been a local public health challenge in Wuhan into the worst global pandemic in a century.”

     China has no intention of taking responsibility for the Covid-19 pandemic, and to be sure, Western countries with their manic acceptance of open borders, merely added to the problem. I imagine that this controversy will tick on for years, until the next big crisis that kills people takes our minds off it. Life goes on until death.



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Saturday, 13 August 2022