China Given a Free Run in Climate Scam By James Reed

The real proof in the pudding of the climate change scam is that the West now has to pay climate change Danegeld/reparations to those countries who have benefitted from Western technology, including medicine, keeping their high population levels. China is given a free pass and does not have to pay such reparations, even though it is the number one greenhouse gas producing country on Earth. If that does not smack of conspiracy, I will walk to China. Walk, to save on greenhouse gas emissions, naturally!

“The Biden Administration doesn’t appear to realize that or do realize it and are doing it anyway. They just announced a $1 billion fund for something called climate reparations. You discriminated against the climate. So the idea is to send money, your money, to other countries. We have too much money now. Our debt isn’t big enough.” – Tucker Carlson

“China, the world’s biggest polluter pays no climate reparations. We have a smaller economy than China now. We pay the reparations. How does this work?” – Tucker Carlson



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Monday, 05 December 2022