China Buys Up Everything, and Why Not, What Right Do We to Exist? By James Reed

     Here are some shock, horror articles about China buying up heaps of stuff. Should we be concerned? Well, looking at things from an IQ perspective, like the journal  American Renaissance, since they have a slightly higher mean IQ than us (based upon a limited number of studies, never critically examined), and IQ is everything, then should we raise a pip? Or, just a pip slightly more than the mean, but certainly not a mean pip.

“One of the most recognisable and historic buildings in the Adelaide CBD has been sold to a group of Chinese investors for just under $50 million. Regent Arcade, which dates back to 1928, has been sold by the Ginos Group – which has redeveloped much of Leigh St and Peel St – to an Adelaide-based consortium understood to be called Lucky Dragon. Ginos Group head Zis Ginos, who bought the shopping arcade off Rundle Mall for about $20 million in 2006, confirmed the deal happened after he was approached by the buyers to see if he might consider a sale. “I don’t know much about them. We thought it was appropriate to sell (but) we did think we would develop the site,” he said.”

     Have the entire Adelaide CBD. And the suburbs too. Why not have everything? Why should anyone care about Adelaide? I imagine that 9 out of ten people here in Melbourne would not even be able to pin the tail on Adelaide on a map of the known universe. That should stir the pot up.

“As the threat of coronavirus continues to cause fear across Australia, families are desperately emptying supermarkets of essential goods. But for thousands of Asian supermarkets, there is no such concern as they are piled high with popular Australian products - which they ship back to China. The 'daigou' stores sell everything from sought-after baby formula to Ugg boots and locally-sourced honey - with some stores shipping 200 boxes to China every day. The secretive shops are likely to cause controversy at a time when supermarket shelves are being left bare thanks to a coronavirus panic-buying crisis. On Wednesday, Sydney saw panicked crowds surge towards the few remaining packets of toilet paper, while rice, pasta and painkillers were also out of stock.”

     That simply shows the absolute spender of the globalised economy, and how the free market distributes goods to those who have the economic votes to deserve it. Truly remarkable! Love it, or go to another planet. And, here is some footage of Australian supplies being shipped to China, which is the natural order, for surely no-one expects these supplies to be kept here to meet local needs? That assumes that Australians deserve to exist, which globalism calls into question of course; survival of the fittest.

     Objecting to vital supplies going to China is surely a form of anti-Chinese sentiment. If we were desperately short of medical supplies, and what we had went to Britain or Mars for vulnerable Martians, nobody would utter a burp of criticism, would they as they slowly died. See, I rest my case!



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Friday, 27 January 2023

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