China Abandons Paris Climate Change Agreement By James Reed

China has delivered a clear slap in the face to the West’s climate change alarmist ideology. Emperor Xi has said that China will follow its own carbon emission path of reduction, and not the Paris Agreement. This throws the entire climate change alarmist narrative out the window, as it indicates that China has no intention of reducing carbon emissions, on its path to world domination.

Even if the notion of a climatic doomsday was true, as Leftist environmentalists are saying, China would rather be number one in a post-apocalyptic landscape, than cut back on development. Climate change environmentalism is just a Western intellectual preoccupation that is helping to pull the West down. And, that is the Leftist plan.

“The clear signals from China are a deliberate slap in America’s face.

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It was a bad week for anyone who thought China would cooperate on emissions reduction. President Xi Jinping reiterated that his country would set its own path on the issue and not be influenced by outside factors, according to the Washington Post and Bloomberg. This contradicts Xi’s 2015 Paris Agreement pledges to reduce its carbon emissions at the latest after 2030.

Xi’s remarks came while climate envoy and former secretary of state John Kerry was visiting Beijing to reopen a dialogue. This was shortly after Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived, and just before former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, the architect of opening China to the West 50 years ago, came for a visit.

The clear signals from China are a deliberate slap in the face to America and provide a rationale for a bill sponsored by Representative Chip Roy (R., Texas) to defund Kerry’s climate-change office at the State Department. The bill is cosponsored by over two dozen other House Republicans.

This should not be news, because Xi gave the same message last fall. In October 2022, he said that China would not abandon coal-fired power plants before renewables could substitute for the lost fossil fuel. But this substitution will not occur because fossil fuels generate substantially more energy than renewables.

Based on China’s energy and resource endowments, we will advance initiatives to reach peak carbon emissions in a well-planned and phased way, in line with the principle of getting the new before discarding the old,” he announced in an address to the Communist Party Congress, as reported by Time.

Xi’s remarks should resound in the halls of the Environmental Protection Agency, which is planning to impose billions of dollars of costs on Americans to reduce U.S. emissions. China has repeatedly stated that it has no intention of going along with the Western push to net-zero.

In April, the EPA released a proposed tailpipe rule that would require 60 percent of new vehicle sales to be battery-powered electric by 2030, and two-thirds by 2032. And in May, the EPA proposed a power-plant rule that would require most power plants to sequester, or bury, 90 percent of their carbon emissions, or go out of business by 2040.

These rules would result in tens of billions of dollars in annual costs to the U.S. economy — and with no reduction to global emissions, if China replaces U.S. emissions with its own emissions.”



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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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