Child Marriage in Sweden: Multicultural Enrichment By Richard Miller (London)

Sweden was facing grim times in the theatre of the absurd stakes, being out shone by Beijing Biden’s new communist regime in the United States. But, with Sweden set to allow child marriage in special circumstances, to be decided by the Left-wing courts, Sweden fights back in the race, down, down, down.


“LAW & LAW. The government says yes to approving child marriage if there are “special reasons.” This is stated in a bill that is expected to come into effect on 1 July this year. At the same time, the explicit 18-year-old requirement in the legal text is abolished.

On its website, the government has hidden the new bill behind a press release concerning a ban on the recognition of foreign polygamy.

– That men are allowed to marry several women is not compatible with the principle of equal treatment of spouses on which Swedish law is based and the requirements for equality, comments Minister of Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson, despite the fact that he is prepared to make certain exceptions.

How to deal with immigrants who have married children is an even more sensitive political issue.

Three years ago, the right-wing opposition demanded a total ban on all forms of marriage entered into in which one party is under age. The ruling left-wing coalition instead said that child marriage should in some cases be accepted by Swedish authorities.

– We have girls and boys in Sweden today, ie Swedish citizens, who are cohabiting with each other, who have sex with each other, who live together and who have children together, commented the Social Democratic Member of Parliament Hillevi Larsson during a parliamentary debate in which she tried to defend child marriage.

In a vote in March 2018, the Riksdag finally overrode the government and voted through a total ban. This was because the Moderates, the Sweden Democrats, the Christian Democrats, the Center Party and the Liberals agreed on a motion for such a ban.

Abolished 18-year requirement

Now the government has returned with a bill in which they want to make an exception to the total ban demanded by the Riksdag. The new proposed law abolishes the current explicit 18-year-old requirement for marriages entered into under foreign law. Furthermore, child marriage may be approved in Sweden if “there are special reasons.”

“For there to be special reasons, it is required that a denied recognition in the individual case has serious consequences, for example, for someone in the couple, or that it otherwise seems unreasonable not to recognize the marriage,” the government writes, leaving it to the judiciary to decide what should be considered “special reasons.”

According to a proposed legal text, the exemption applies if both parties are now over 18 years of age, but the marriage was not established in accordance with Swedish law. For example, in cases in which children get divorced or women are forced to marry someone against their will. The government wants the new law to come into effect on 1 July this year.

Several consultative bodies are critical of the government’s proposal to say yes to certain forms of child marriage. Among them “Girls’ Rights In Society” and “Neither Whore Nor Submissive.”

“A state governed by the rule of law such as Sweden must also be able to deal with the rights of these vulnerable women and children, even when there are extremely difficult circumstances in cases where they have entered into marriage abroad under conditions that are contrary to Swedish law,” writes Girls’ Rights In Society in its response.

“We believe that exceptions should not be made when it comes to child and forced marriage, ie not for special reasons.”

Not to worry; Sweden as it was known will cease to exist as such in a few years’ time. It will be interesting to see what happens to Left-wing values.



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Wednesday, 17 August 2022