Changing Races; Changing Places By Chris Knight

     A good article by Steve Sailer on the emerging issue in America, as the build up to civil War II: can American Whites prevent the rising tide of colour, that threatens to demographically displace them, and is doing this racist, and if it is racist, then will the sky fall?

“The fundamental issue of the 2020 presidential campaign is rapidly becoming whether or not America’s whites, as exemplified in the person of Donald Trump, have the right to block the world’s blacks and Muslims, as exemplified in the person of Somalia-born Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), from immigrating en masse to the United States. Or is the entire notion of white citizens democratically voting to keep out nonwhites too racistly triggering for more enlightened entities, such as the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, to allow? The United Nations’ publication last month of its World Population Prospects 2019 adds important perspective to this question. For example, in 1991, when Omar’s family fled Somalia due to their complicity in the genocidal regime of the dictator Siad Barre, the population of Somalia was only 7 million. Today, 28 chaotic years later, Somalia has more than doubled in size to 15 million despite immense outflows of emigrants. The U.N. forecasts that Somalia’s population will reach 35 million in 2050 and 76 million in 2100. Alternatively, millions of Somalis (or, quite possibly, tens of millions of Somalis) might prefer to follow Rep. Omar to the Magic Dirt of the first world. According to a Gallup poll, at present one-third of the population of sub-Saharan African wants to migrate, and it’s unlikely that additional population growth will make Africa more attractive. Here’s my latest update of what I call The Most Important Graph in the World:

The U.N. forecasts that the population of sub-Saharan Africa, which was 504,000,000 in 1991 and is 1,066,000,000 today, will grow to 2,118,000,000 in 2050 and all the way to 3,775,000,000 in 2100. Do American and European white voters have the right to say no to the hundreds of millions of blacks and Muslims who will want to flee the messes they’ve made of their own countries? Or would restricting immigration by nonwhites be “white nationalism” and “white supremacy” and therefore unthinkable? While this would have seemed like an insane debate as recently as, say, 2011, there is a strategic electoral logic behind the Democrats’ Great Awokening that is constantly pushing them in an ever more antiwhite direction. As a Coalition of the Fringes, the only thing that holds together the Democrats is demonizing core Americans. Without ever increasingly whipping up hatred of whites, what is there to keep the Democrats’ collection of miscellaneous identity groups from turning on each other?”

     Well, one approach to the morality of such a question is to ask: if the roles were reversed, and Whites were to flood into these countries, how would the people feel? In fact, we know how they feel, since the interaction of Europeans with the rest of the world has been regarded as imperialism and colonialism. Thus, the only argument that can be offered against Whites resisting their ethnocide is that they need to be punished … oh, to hell with arguments … why do our people have this need for endless justification when no-one else does? Why have we taken this bs, because no-one else would? Equality, please!

The “Squad” are not interested in reasoned argument and seem to endorse violence, in old fashioned Leftist style:

“Days after Sen. Rand Paul offered to buy "ungrateful" Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) a ticket to Somalia to gain some perspective, the far-left Congresswoman appeared to advocate violence against the Kentucky Republican.
On Monday, Omar retweeted Tom Arnold - who sympathized with Paul's neighbor, who broke six of the Senator's ribs in a violent 2017 attack over a longstanding landscaping dispute. The neighbor, Rene Boucher of Bowling Green, KY, spent 30 days in jail and was ordered to pay Paul $580,000. "Imagine being Rand Paul's next door neighbor and having to deal with @RandPaul lying cowardly circular whiney bullcrap about lawn clippings," tweeted Arnold, adding. "No wonder he ripped his toupee off." Rep. Omar - the subject of a recent ethics complaint alleging immigration, tax and student loan fraud - retweeted Arnold.”

     This is the future, racing up to break White ribs.



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Thursday, 08 June 2023

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