Keeping You in the Loop By Dr. Jennifer Marohasy

FUNDAMENTAL to the scientific method is the assumption that reality exists independently of our belief systems; that there is such a thing as evidence, and that it matters.

In an article in The Weekend Australian newspaper (page 18) written by Graham Lloyd entitled ‘No place in debate for contrarian hijackers’, Misha Ketchell who is the editor of the influential academic publication The Conversation is quoted claiming to care so much about the evidence that the opinions of ‘sceptics’ must be excluded.

But this begs the question: how do we define scepticism, and on what basis do we discount the opinion of a so-called sceptic?

If their opinions are at complete odds with the evidence: then wouldn’t it be more useful to show this? To use them, and their wrong claims, to explain the truth within the theory of human-caused global warming?

It is claimed that sceptics like myself have an undue and powerful political influence, repeatedly successfully thwarting attempts to implement necessary public policy change.

Indeed, if my arguments are so devoid of evidence, this should be easily proven. Except that the skills scores from my rainfall forecasts, when compared with reality, are far superior to anything forecast by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.

There has always been a role in science for models and predictions — that can be objectively tested against reality/the evidence —- so the predictions of sceptics could be juxtaposed against predictions from the consensus.

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In Praise of “Abnormal” Countries By Peter Ewer

     Russia, who is bravely standing against the maelstrom of modernist madness, has been criticised for being an “abnormal country.” Yet, in an age of near total insanity, this surely a moral victory, being an inversion of foul is fair and fair is foul:

“It’s better not to be a “more normal country” if that means being as prone to invasions and coups as the United States, top Russian ministers have said, firing back at bizarre remarks by a new Pentagon chief. It would be “great” if the West “could get Russia to behave like a more normal country,” Mark Esper, the newly appointed defense secretary, was reported to have claimed while visiting Paris this week. That remark did not go down well with Moscow, however. “If he said so, he called upon us to act as a normal country [as such] and not like the United States,” Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a press briefing in the Russian capital, where he and Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu had a face-to-face meeting with French counterparts. Otherwise, we should have been acting like the US, bombing Iraq and Libya in blatant violation of international law… We should have supported coups, violent and anti-constitutional, like the US and its closest allies did in February 2014 [in Ukraine]. What's more, if Russia followed Washington’s instructions, then “we would have spent millions on intervening in the affairs of other countries as Congress has done by authorizing $20 million for supporting democracy in Russia,” Lavrov stated. On his part, Shoigu also said that normalcy has a different meaning for Moscow then. We will probably remain [an] abnormal [country].”

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The Cost of Cashless Welfare By Michael Ferguson

     No doubt about it, totalitarianism does not come cheap nowadays; the cashless welfare trial of the card on just 2,000 lab subjects, sorry, people, has already cost the haemorrhaging taxpayer, $ 18.9 million. Well, at first, I thought this was $ 189 million, and that would not have surprised me either; nothing surprises me anymore. Still, the system wants it because it is cashless, and can be used to smash the unemployed deplorables, whom the elite like to metaphorically hunt like those predator creatures in the movies of the same name:$10k-per-participant/8488268

“The federal government is spending up to $18.9m to trial the cashless welfare card for fewer than 2,000 people. Data published by the Department of Social Services under freedom of information reveals that is the “estimated maximum” cost of the trial. The trial involves about 1,850 people, according to the most recent evaluation, published in February, although it had about 2,000 participants in October. The program has cost the department $2.6m in administration costs and the private firm providing the cards, Indue, is on a $7.9m contract. The government has paid $1m and $1.6m for wrap-around support services in Ceduna (South Australia) and the East Kimberley respectively. The Australian Council of Social Service said the government was continuing the program at an extraordinary cost, despite the lack of reliable evidence of its effectiveness. Its chief executive, Cassandra Goldie, said the money should be diverted to investing in proven support services. “The cashless debit card costs around $10,000 a year per participant to administer, when the person themselves is receiving a meagre $14,000 a year in Newstart payments. How on earth is this good value?” Goldie said.”

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Female Hypergamy: Behind Feminism By Mrs Vera West

     We can still find pieces on YouTube, amazingly, on female hypergamy, the primal instinct for women to strive to achieve more alpha mates, and providers. Even those  having high paying jobs, if heterosexual, seek this, unless constrained by Christian morality of some moral code. Go back to the jungle, which is what modern nihilist society is, and that what one gets, well documented in a book the Left hate intensely, Sexual Utopia in Power: the Feminist Revolt Against Civilization, by F. Roger Devlin (Counter-currents, 2015). Jordan Peterson has an excellent video on this topic too:

     Lots of conservative, and even libersal ladies discuss the same thing, so anyone thinking that the topic can be put off limits by rattling on about “anti-women” well, just forget it. The girls tell you to do so, so obey! It is interesting to get the perspective of young Black women on the horrible sexual market place that the feminist regime, and the 1960s “liberation” has produced:

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The US Debt Abyss By James Reed

     I am terrified to write about debt, because I tend to think that debt can bring a nation unstuck, while economic experts from our side say: no Jimmy, debt is not a worry, go back to minding your chooks. Ok, I guess the conservatives are silly too worrying about US debt being 2,000 percent of GDP, or $ US 400 trillion. I suppose it does not matter:

“A new report has said that the real United States national debt could be well over what politicians tell us it is.  At a whopping $400 trillion, the U.S. debt would be 2,000% of GDP (gross domestic product) according to new calculations that include the federal government, state, local, financial, and so-called entitlement debt. AB Bernstein, a global asset management firm based on Wall Street, came up with these figures by including in its analysis not only traditional levels of public debt, such as bonds but also financial debt as well as future obligations for entitlement programs, according to a report by CNBC. These include social security, Medicare and public pensions and are often left out of the discussion.  They are unfunded liabilities, however, and should be included if we’re to get an appropriate understanding of the government’s mishandling of money. In its report, AB Bernstein took debt from a number of sources and compared it to GDP. Using this methodology, federal, state and local government debt combined amounted to 100 percent of GDP. Households and firms accounted for 150 percent, while debt held by financial firms came to 450 percent. Another 27 percent came from trusts for social insurance programs, 484 percent from promises under current social insurance programs, and 633 percent from obligations for social programs. The total debt, therefore, amounted to 1,832 percent. –RT

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On Drug Testing and the Coming Welfare Card By Bruce Bennett

     Here is an update on the laws that will make drug testing mandatory for all politicians, sorry, people on welfare, like me. As well, things are well advanced for a cashless debit card, part of the coming cashless society, that will constrain your welfare money and prevent you spending it on booze and drugs. Does that sound like a good idea? Is it fair given how the rest of the population runs on booze and drugs? Well, let me put the opposing view.

     At present, as part of the Great Replacement, white men like me are docking themselves in record numbers. Even the New York Times, who would never consider such a thing as a Great, or even small, replacement, has addressed the suicide/drug crisis as a deep spiritual crisis of the times:

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No, Not Everyone has Forgotten about the 9/11 Conspiracy By Charles Taylor

     The Epstein conspiracy, showing that the world’s elites have a segment of their population who are sadistic paedophiles, has now dropped from interest to be replaced by other stories of doom, gloom and misery for us, while the Dark Lords continue to live on the fat of the land, our fat, and our land. Anyway, September 11 has now passed, and there were all those articles about remembering it. Sure, but some want to go further and investigate the whole shonky state of affairs:

“September 11, 2001, was nearly 20 years ago, and after all this time, so many questions still remain about what exactly happened. It is not socially acceptable to question the official explanation that was given for the collapse of the towers and the other events of that day, but now these questions are being taken more seriously. However, the rushed and poorly managed 9/11 commission report did not do an adequate job at investigating the crimes, which left experts in a variety of different fields with questions about the official story. Many of these professionals belong to an organization called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, who have been pushing for a new investigation into the attacks for many years. This July, they announced a major breakthrough in their fight for a proper investigation. According to a press release published on the group’s website, New York Fire Commissioners who were closely involved with the events of that day, have called for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks. On July 24, the Franklin Square and Munson Fire Districts voted unanimously for a new investigation, citing “overwhelming evidence” that “pre-planted explosives . . . caused the destruction of the three World Trade Center buildings.”

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Google Suppressing Climate Critiques By Chris Knight

     Big Tech suppression continues, and what should we expect, since that is what they are in the business to do, squash the deplorables and support globalist ideology. Not only have we seen race material, immigration and pro-health material censored, then all conservative approaches, but now, climate change critique as well goes under the chop:

“Several months ago, Google quietly released a 32-page white paper, “How Google Fights Disinformation.” That sound good. The problem is that Google not only controls a whopping 92.2% of all online searches. It is a decidedly left-wing outfit, which views things like skepticism of climate alarmism, and conservative views generally, as “disinformation.” The white paper explains how Google’s search and news algorithms operate, to suppress what Google considers disinformation and wants to keep out of educational and public discussions. The algorithms clearly favor liberal content when displaying search results. Generally speaking, they rank and present search results based on the use of so-called “authoritative sources.” The problem is, these sources are mostly “mainstream” media, which are almost entirely liberal. Google’s algorithmic definition of “authoritative” makes liberals the voice of authority. Bigger is better, and the liberals have the most and biggest news outlets. The algorithms are very complex, but the basic idea is that the more other websites link to you, the greater your authority. It is like saying a newspaper with more subscribers is more trustworthy than one with fewer subscribers. This actually makes no sense, but that is how it works with the news and in other domains. Popularity is not authority, but the algorithm is designed to see it that way. This explains why the first page of search results for breaking news almost always consists of links to liberal outlets. There is absolutely no balance with conservative news sources. Given that roughly half of Americans are conservatives, Google’s liberal news bias is truly reprehensible.

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Our Beloved, Utterly Delightful, Universities … Where Standards are “Lower”! By James Reed

     After the cheating/plagiarism issue, we come to the obvious, that some universities are … well … let the papers say it shall we?

“Adelaide University is one of the most overexposed institutions to the Chinese student market in the English-speaking world, putting it at great financial risk from any downturn, a report warns. A Centre for Independent Studies report lists Adelaide among seven “elite” Australian universities with “extraordinary levels of exposure” to the Chinese “cash cow”. It says Chinese nationals account for 53.8 per cent of Adelaide’s international students and 15.8 per cent of all its enrolments. Income from Chinese students was 13 per cent of Adelaide’s total revenue in 2017 – $120 million out of $929 million. All international students were worth $204 million to the uni that year. From 2001-17, Adelaide grew its overseas student numbers by 322 per cent, compared to 49 per cent for domestic students. Its foreign student numbers are up 27 per cent this year alone, to more than 10,000. The report says the biggest financial risk factors are a Chinese recession, China introducing tighter currency controls on what its citizens can spend on foreign education, or adverse movements in exchange rates. It says small percentage declines in Chinese enrolments could cause “significant financial hardship” to universities, while large declines would be “catastrophic”. The bad news for taxpayers is that, like banks, universities are “too big to fail” and would need government bailouts, according to the report. Adelaide vice-chancellor Peter Rathjen has previously blamed government funding woes for universities being “addicted” to foreign student revenue. But the report rejects that argument, noting the biggest proportional rises in foreign student were in periods of funding increases. Adelaide and UniSA bosses this week spoke of the need to “diversify” foreign student intake to reduce risk, but the report says that is “doomed to fail” because India is too poor and other markets too small. The report says unis “routinely compromise” entry standards for foreign students via foundation courses, but Adelaide said its standards were the same regardless of the pathway. The uni said foreign students’ contribution to SA was more than economic.’’

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Universities …Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!! By James Reed

     Just to bring you up to date on the wild and woolly world of university litigation, truly exhilarating stuff, like mountain climbing:

“James Cook University has been ordered to pay reef scientist Peter Ridd $1.2 million for unlawfully dismissing him after he publicly criticised the institution’s climate change science. Federal Circuit Court Justice Salvatore Vasta on Friday handed down the penalty following hearings earlier this year. He ordered the Townsville university to pay Dr Ridd $1,094,214.47 as compensation for past and future economic loss because of the unlawful sacking, as well as general compensation for more than “three years of unfair treatment”. JCU will have to pay a further $125,000 as a way of penalty. The judge lambasted the university, saying it had “failed to respect (Dr Ridd’s) rights to intellectual freedom”. The physics professor, who specialised in marine environments and worked at JCU for 30 years, on Friday lamented the ugly affair, saying it was “a fight that should never have started in the first place”. “I have worked for 35 years on the Great Barrier Reef, and my genuinely held belief is that there are systemic quality assurance problems at Great Barrier Reef science institutions,” he said. “I had a right, a duty, to say this. “JCU have still not accepted this fundamental right despite the importance of the debate to the north Queensland region.”

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The Shape of Things Not to Come By Brian Simpson

     This article reports on an IBM survey, based on job displacement in the US economy, that optimistically sees the need for at least 120 million workers needing to be reskilled due to the Great AI Replacement:

“Over the next three years, 120 million workers in the world's 12 biggest economies may need to be retrained as a result of widespread adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in the workplace, according to a new IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) study. Only 41% of CEOs surveyed have the resources in place to close the skills gap brought on by new emerging technologies. That means 59% of the CEOs surveyed have no skills development strategies in place for their employees in the early 2020s. "Organizations are facing mounting concerns over the widening skills gap and tightened labor markets with the potential to impact their futures as well as worldwide economies," said Amy Wright, Managing Partner, IBM Talent & Transformation, IBM. "Yet while executives recognize the severity of the problem, half of those surveyed admit that they do not have any skills development strategies in place to address their largest gaps. And the tactics the study found were most likely to close the skills gap the fastest are the tactics companies are using the least. New strategies are emerging to help companies reskill their people and build the culture of continuous learning required to succeed in the era of AI." The IBV study, "The Enterprise Guide to Closing the Skills Gap," includes input from 5,670 CEOs located in 48 countries, points to challenges that companies will face in the early 2020s with managing their workforce through the technological shift. BM said, the "era of AI" will be a transformative period for the global economy as the skill gap through employee training will take time to close. The company's study indicates new skill requirements for jobs will be required due to the fast pace of AI and automation adoption, while other skills become out-of-date. The study lays out a guide for businesses to better foster talent and close the skills gap in a timely fashion.”

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Enforced Inceldom and Malignant Hypergamy By Mrs Vera West

     As the New York Times has recently discussed, the West is facing a profound spiritual crisis where high suicides and a drug epidemic, linked with crime and social breakdown, are indicators of vast social anomie and alienation. This is especially impacting upon men who have had their traditional roles undermined. And it goes so deep that even sexual practices have become reduced to a minimum, or are non-existent for some men, the incels, involuntary celibates. The Dissent Right sites like to slam these young men, but sober consideration would reveal that many Middle Eastern terrorists also fall into this category, and having nothing left to lose, or no hope of gain, are willing to embrace death, something the comfortable internet writers would shiver at the thought of, from the safety of their mom’s basements.

     Once, men who were not alphas, but ordinary blokes, could hope to get some reasonable woman, but now, empowered females are fully pursuing hypergamy, seeking higher level mates, meaning that a large segment of the male population will miss out on having a partner. This is discussed in a book by F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power, (2015), and some recent comments have been made at Affirmative

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Goodbye Sweden: Letter By Richard Miller

     Here is an interesting letter by someone fleeing Sweden, a Nordic refugee, perhaps the first of millions, as Sweden becomes the walking dead:

“Tania Groth has translated two Swedish items that are suitable as emblematic bookends of life in Modern Multicultural Sweden. First, this somber letter from a Swedish woman who has decided, along with her husband, to relocate to Budapest. From Katerina Magasin: “We have been discussing leaving Sweden for five years and have now bought an apartment in Budapest”

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Stop Smoking; Buy Guns! By John Steele

     More bad, bad news for smokers, as the price of a packet of cancer sticks now hits an average of $ 35 from a 12.5 percent tax hike.

“The price of Australian cigarettes rose by another 12.5 per cent on Sunday - the latest in a series of tobacco excise hikes that's taken the average packet to a world record of $35. The federal Government has now hiked tobacco excise for seven consecutive years - with an average pack expected to hit $40 a pack by 2020. One health official said the habit will cost an average smoker $10,000 a year. The excise increases are on top of regular CPI hikes, with experts telling Daily Mail Australia an average cigarette stick now costs more than $1 including GST. People looking to save a buck by rolling their own sticks are not immune to the tax sting, with prices for a bag of tobacco jumping by a similar amount.”

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Bankruptcy Australia By James Reed

     I am almost too afraid to write anything about money and finance, knowing nothing much about them, and expecting the learned here to expose me for being economically challenged. Still, I do know that the ordinary people like me are suffering, and that the debt collectors just keep coming like those killer robots in the Terminator movies:

“Australians can be bankrupted over small debts
In Australia, an individual can be sued for bankruptcy for an unpaid debt of as little as $5,000. Last year, consumer advocates became increasingly alarmed by the number of clients being taken to court over relatively small debts by one company in particular — Lion Finance. They decided to do some research, analysing court lists over the past four years. Their data, released exclusively to the ABC, backed up their suspicions. "Lion Finance stands out as the debt collector using bankruptcy proceedings so much more frequently than any other debt collector in the market that it's absolutely astounding," Financial Rights Legal Centre's Karen Cox said. When it comes to the number of bankruptcy cases filed in the past financial year, Lion Finance was not far behind the Australian Tax Office (ATO). But while the ATO halved the number of people it sued for bankruptcy from 1,215 in the 2015-16 financial year to 543 in last financial year, Lion Finance increased its cases from 182 to 512 people in the same period. "Whereas most debt collectors ... have been using bankruptcy proceedings less and less, Lion Finance has been a growing user, the numbers of bankruptcies are just going through the roof," Ms Cox said. Ms Cox said bankruptcy would normally only be used if the debtor had an asset like a house. Lion Finance declined the ABC's request for an interview, but in a statement from its parent company Collection House Limited said it made every effort to avoid legal action. "We encourage customers to engage with us so we can discuss and assess their financial circumstances and avoid the legal process," it said.

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The Collapse of Techno Industrial Civilisation, with No Mention of Climate Change By James Reed

     Most of those collapseologists who argue that the number is up for techno-industrial civilisation make use of global warming nonsense. But that is hardly going to bring the temple down, maybe make a few plants grow. However, there are those who reject global warming but still see the end as nigh, and Natural News is along these lines, having many critiques of global warming, but still publishing searching articles like this one:

“Experts insist that the decline of industrial civilization has already begun, and its signs all echo the events that happened in the past, albeit with some differences. Notice how every single civilization and empire in the past had collapsed – Chinese, Egyptians, Incas, Greeks, Mayans, Mongols, and Romans? These civilizations showed common “symptoms” or trends during their decline: the destruction of the natural world, depletion of crucial resources (water, fertile soil, forests, etc.), famine, overpopulation, financial crisis, inequality, social and political unrest, invasion or war, and disease. Sound familiar? Indeed, these things are already happening today, and at an alarming rate. Our global industrial system currently has no room for expansion, the natural world is in crisis, and the logistics that keep our civilization running are now so complex that they are more fragile than ever.

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Globalist Threat the Queen: Are You Safe? By Richard Miller

     God save the Queen! And may He protect her from the insane globalists, who have invoked something of a historical threat:

“The EU loyalist Best for Britain group appeared to invoke the fate of the beheaded King Charles I after Queen Elizabeth II agreed to prorogue (temporarily suspend) Parliament for a few weeks before the Brexit deadline. Following news that the Queen rubber-stamped Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request to suspend the parliamentary session — the longest-running for almost 400 years — so that his government can bring forward a new legislative programme on October 14th, the George Soros-funded group tweeted that it would “make no sense for the Queen to back this deeply undemocratic, unconstitutional and fundamentally political manoeuvre from the government,” in comments later attributed to its CEO, Naomi Smith. “If the Queen is asked to help, she would do well to remember history doesn’t look too kindly on royals who aid and abet the suspension of democracy,” the anti-Brexit group added darkly, appearing to allude to the fate of the monarch’s ancestor Charles I, who tried to govern without Parliament and was in the end publicly beheaded.”

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Guess who also Thinks “Epstain” was Murdered By Charles Taylor

     Most people probably think that Epstein the paedophile who had the dirt on the globalist paedophilic elites, was murdered to shut him up. I mean, come now, wouldn’t it be disappointing if they did not knock this guy off? Like, here he is in a cage, and you didn’t kill him, now you too are in a cage, afraid to go down to the shower block. What sort of lords of Darkness are you to screw up so badly? Of course, they did not, they never do:

“Epstein's own defense team doesn't buy the suicide narrative, apparently, as one of his lawyers on Tuesday voiced deep skepticism that he hanged himself while addressing a final hearing in a Manhattan US District Court on Tuesday, which was held to formally dismiss the charges as is typical when the accused is deceased, but also to still allow testimony of some of the victims. Defense lawyer Reid Weingarten told Judge Richard Berman during the hearing that Epstein's injuries are “far more consistent with assault” than suicide, especially given the broken bones in his neck discovered during the autopsy after he was found dead in his jail cell on Aug. 10. This after it was previously revealed that Epstein's defense attorneys had successfully lobbied for him to be taken off suicide watch on July 29, about a week before he was found dead in his cell, according to ABC News.

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Colonisation on Steroids; Rural China Town By James Reed

     Why does every city have to have a China town? Well, keep wondering because now this concept is being applied to the Australian country side as well:

“Foreign investors have purchased hundreds of hectares of land in WA's Midwest with a view to establishing a rural Chinatown, including an English-language school. City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn revealed the bold plan by developer PIP Holdings to create the suburb in the city's eastern fringe. It includes building homes specifically for Chinese migrants and associated service industries to cater to their needs. Cr Van Styn said foreign investment could be just the ticket to revitalise the region's main city, located 400 kilometres north of Perth. But there are questions about whether the proposed development will help or hinder the region. Geraldton, a once-thriving city built on agriculture and lobster fishing, enjoyed a boom through iron ore mining and exploration but is now battling a shrinking population and rising unemployment. It was for this reason that Cr Van Styn said he believed overseas investment would be the key to revitalising the struggling region. "They're proposing anywhere up to 1,500 houses, a commercial centre, and that school in the centre," he said. "This is proposing building two years' worth of houses in one single development, so it would be a building boom unlike anything ever seen.

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Now Italy Falls Too By Chris Knight

     Expect Italy to now be flooded extra fast by migrants as payback for daring to resist for only a little while, before hubris led to the one man who tried to stop the flood, falling on his own political, sword:

“What's the Italian word for 'hubris'? Somebody should ask League leader Matteo Salvini. In a report published Friday, Bloomberg examines the circumstances surrounding Salvini's failed political gambit, which the Interior Minister and Deputy PM had hoped would install him as prime minister of Italy, but instead resulted in his political rivals joining forces to outmaneuver him. Less than a month ago, Salvini was out partying at Papeete Beach. At one point, he stepped up to the decks during a music festival, where the man who was until very recently the most powerful politician in Italy was surrounded by dancing bikini-clad women. This was Salvini at the height of his power. But little did he realize that, while he was partying, his rivals were busy plotting his downfall, and within weeks, his hopes of taking over as prime minister would be crushed. The public didn't know yet, but he had finally acquiesced to his party's demands to withdraw his support for the coalition government that had seen his League govern with the Five Star Movement (M5S) for more than a year. Salvini believed that by forcing an election, he could capitalize on his popularity and return with a new conservative coalition that would more readily support his party's platform of anti-immigrant measures combined with tax cuts that antagonized Brussels. And instead of serving as co-deputy PM, he would be prime minister.

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