Cancel Christmas, Just Get Covid Tests! Moral Panic Now! By Brian Simpson

One thing the Covid plandemic has shown me is how low-grade the average GFP is. I have heard across the world GP clinics not seeing the unvaxxed, when doctors of the past risk worse diseases to treat patients, and in Africa, do it daily. No honour here, only the concern for profit.


My own ex-GP who runs his clinic went into Covid paranoia once the vaxxes were available, and now only will do phone consultations for the unvaxxed. There is also a surcharge to pay for his N95 masks and all-over gown he wears, $20 a visit, I think. I am not surprised as everyone who visits him gets to hear of his latest holiday or purchases, all done to pad out billable time I suppose. But back in early 2020, when we did not know much about Covid, he told me that he was not worried and that he had patients who just isolated and did fine. Now, there is moral panic like the new Black Death. I suspect that the vax has made him make a 180 degree turn around, just being a tool of Big pHARMa. He did mention to me once that Big pHARMa reps frequently visited him.  One time he said that he had just eaten a pile of chicken and salad sandwiches they had given him for lunch; tasty but a bit salty, so he needed to drink water. Oh, and getting three Covid shots was like having a drink of water. I hope he gets many more. That sums it up. So, I am not surprised to read about the next level up in doctor madness, the proposal to wear masks at home, and take Covid tests on Christmas morning.


“A resident doctor on CNN told viewers Thursday that they should all be wearing masks at home around other family members and everyone should wake up on Christmas morning and rather than open presents, take COVID tests.

Dr. William Schaffner also said that these restrictions should apply to everyone, even those people who are double and triple vaccinated.

“I recommend that we hang our stockings with care,” Schaffner stated, adding “We have to be careful because we are all going to get together, we should all be vaccinated and preferentially boosted. We should wear our masks if we are uncertain.”

“Another thing we could do is we could all get tested the morning of our getting together,” Schaffner further urged, before sharing a heartwarming story of how his own family did that for Thanksgiving.

“We were all negative. It worked out just fine,” the doctor declared.

Earlier in the year, Schaffner took to CNN to express his horror at Americans having fun at football games, complaining that they were “breathing too vigorously.”

Schaffner declared “People are cheering and enthusiastic, exhaling with vigor; if there are people infected, they can infect people around them … Nobody was wearing a mask … I’d be very surprised if we didn’t have outbreaks.”

Holidays at the Schaffner household sound like an absolute rip roaring fun-fest don’t they?”




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Wednesday, 25 May 2022