Canadian Prepper: In SHTF Most People Will Not Survive! By John Steele

Canadian Prepper presents in a nut shell, concise and biting, the reason why most of today’s people would not survive a SHTF catastrophic event, due to the softness and weakness that consumer society and its comforts have given. Only with the Covid lockdowns did people start to seriously stockpile goods and essentials. However, the aspect of mental toughness is missing from most folk.

Now I know conservatives naturally reject the idea that mega-disasters can happen, but throughout human history they have, such as the Black Death from China, which wiped out one quarter of the population. Instead of destroying rats with a vengeance, rats of course spread the pestilence, cats were blamed, as being in partnership with the devil. Got that one wrong, with fatal consequences. Felix Rex has an excellent YouTube video about this:  

Anyway, the present apocalypse school, with Mike Adams being a notable example, sees mega-death a coming, perhaps from a planned EMP event, or maybe from China war. These events may be of low probability, but the probability is not zero, and there are reasonable scenarios under which these disasters can happen, especially war with China, which even normie publications are now contemplating, and our James Reed does regular war updatesa. This will seriously upset the day-to-day world. It pays to get out of one’s comfort zone today, since everything is now unpredictable, at least for us little people. Prepare for the worst; hope for the best, is our family motto.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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