Canada is Even Worse than Australia! By James Reed

     With the recent blow up with Canadian pm Justin Trudeau having past “racist” photos of him exposed wearing brownface, a race slur towards brown people, the issue arises as to why this fool, or is it tool, ruling anyway. Here are some insights:

“Trudeau doesn't really have much else going for him. When he got the thumbs up from Liberal Party apparatchiks and then the Canadian voters, he had youth and slightly above average good looks on his side. But basically he was an idiot or a male bimbo. But what he did have was a kind of Canadian vacuousness about him. My sense is that this was the very thing that perversely appealed to voters. Indeed, if it wasn't this, I am hard pressed to see what else they could see in him, as this vacuousness surrounds Trudeau in the same way that bent light surrounds a Black Hole. The most obvious example of this is in Trudeau's penchant for dressing up in funny, non-White ethnic costumes. Right now this is in the news because—sacré bleu!—the PM once put on blackface, which for some never adequately explained reason is about as bad as eating a baby or worse!

But this is hardly the first time the news has commented on the former substitute drama teacher's cosplay proclivities. Only last year we were hearing about his "Bollywood wardrobe," which was partially explained at the time as a crass attempt to suck up to a key Canadian voter demographic. The reality is that in all these cases of Trudeau dressing up his sole reason is that he simply loves doing it. Just look at his face when he is in costume. But what do we call a love that goes in every other direction but one? Yes, a hatred. Underneath Trudeau's love of the Other (in all its plurality) is an undying disgust, hatred, and loathing of his own White Canadian people. This is the vacuousness at the heart of Trudeau, and it is this void that perversely resonates with a sizeable proportion of White Canadians, who, it seems, have an anti-identity much more than an identity. In fact this phenomenon of an anti-identity is built into the political, cultural, and social history of Canada, which, in its formative stage, could not afford to be "too French" or "too English" without instantly disappearing as a political prospect. Indeed, this is why the early history of Canada was so dominated by people of an ethnicity perfectly pitched to keep the inherent Anglo-French conflict in abeyance.”

     The ethnicity is the Scots. Relax. Thus, diversity will doom Canada, and in fact, according to an important book by leading Dissent Right intellectual, Ricardo Duchesne, Canada is already in an advanced state of decay:

     I cannot see how the Canadian people do not share responsibility for letting this happen, just as the Australian people have let our own cultural decay continue, decade after decade. The will of resistance has been lost.    What will it take to get a healthy social survival instinct back?



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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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