Can We Even Take a Guy Whose Name Sounds like Candy Seriously? By John Steele

     Rapper, or is it candy wrapper, Eminem, is at it again:

“Following Eminem’s controversial freestyle rap “The Storm,” he continues to slam the President and other political figure(s) with whom he disagrees with. On his latest album, “Like Home,” the 45-year-old rapper expressed his desire to place First Daughter Ivanka Trump in his car trunk and rape conservative commentator Ann Coulter, as reported by Breitbart News.”

     As we are a Christian conservative site, there is no need to reproduce the lyrics, but trust me, they are bad.
     So, basically, this would-be tough guy is rapping about assaulting and raping at least one of these women, and no feminists are screaming for his blood, surprise, surprise.

     But, my guess is that either women could beat him to a pulp. Even one of Ivanka’s bodyguards could, in hand-to-hand combat, take this punk down in a second.  But, most likely if he tried to harm the President’s family, he would be shot.  Imagine saying this about Obama’s daughter.

     Leftoids like to fantasize about how tough they are, probably due to growing up on a steady diet of violent video games, and neo-Marxist revolutionary fantasies. In reality, they are only dangerous in packs, and nothing on their own, like all socialist group-mind creatures.
     The answer is for the victims to sue. Law suits are what made America great, and will make it great again!



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Tuesday, 09 August 2022