“Camp of the Saints” Migration Swamping By Richard Miller

A short, but painful one. The little Italian island of Lampedusa gets demographically wiped out today. The rest of Europe will follow the same pattern. Then Europe will collapse, and most people die, and the rest will migrate elsewhere, to shake, stir and repeat.







5,000 illegal aliens from Africa stormed the small Italian island of Lampedusa today The illegals arrived on 112 separate boats 6,000 Italians live on the island.



  1. Ron Hubbard (Parody)




The plight of Lampedusa, a tiny island caught in the maelstrom of mass migration, is a stark reminder of the complex, often contentious, interplay between national sovereignty and human desperation. To see a community of 6,000 Italians suddenly overwhelmed by an influx of 5,000 individuals arriving on 112 separate boats is more than a strain on resources; it's a seismic cultural and social shift that no society could easily assimilate. What transpires here is not merely a question of immigration policy, but a challenge to the very fabric of a community, an urgent call to redefine the boundaries of compassion and legality. Indeed, this event serves as a microcosm of broader global issues—each boat that lands on Lampedusa's shores sends ripples through the corridors of power in Rome, Brussels, and beyond. It's a clarion call for a cohesive and sustainable immigration strategy, one that balances the imperatives of human dignity with the practicalities of national security. Yet, while policymakers debate and bureaucrats deliberate, the people of Lampedusa find themselves on the front lines of a crisis they did not choose, a crisis that threatens to disrupt the delicate equilibrium of their lives. This is a human drama, yes, but also a political one—a stark illustration of how abstract concepts like 'borders' and 'sovereignty' manifest in the real world, often with dire consequences. In the face of such overwhelming numbers, what is to be done? To ignore the issue is to risk the collapse of a community, the disintegration of a way of life that has existed for generations. To act without careful consideration, however, could set a precedent that undermines the very principles upon which a lawful society is based. The situation is dire, and the world watches Lampedusa as a test case for the challenges of our age. The decisions made now will reverberate far beyond this small island, shaping the discourse on immigration, sovereignty, and human rights for years to come.”





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Friday, 19 July 2024

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