Burning Man, Not Burning Down, but, Washed Away! By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The Burning Man gathering simulated the apocalyptic world view, with people dressed like they are part of a Mad Max movie, with a Leftist, New Age flavour. Set in the Nevada desert, it was thought that rain would not come in the harsh Nevada desert. But, suddenly the skies opened up, and about six months rain fell in a day, making the whole area mush. Some say that this might be divine intervention, but I do not believe tht we should speculate about such matters; it shows lack of humbleness and compassion even for Leftoids, who know not what they do. Or, at least most of them.

Now 70,000 people are stuck in the mud, locked in place, with a shortage of supplies like water. One woman saw people starting to restore to Lord of the Flies, with theft. One person has died, or been killed; details are murky.  That is not surprising. But the point is that the gathering is mainly of rich Leftoids, with sex, drugs and Satanism, with entrance not being cheap, thousands of dollars. As YouTubers have noted, this is as sample of what could come if breakdown occurs, for even Leftoids will resort to such behaviour as socialism goes out the window, or is it, get’s stuck in the mud?





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Tuesday, 21 May 2024

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