Burn the Litter OR Feed the Wildfires By Viv Forbes

     The Federal Government has set up a Royal Commission, originally about Bushfires, but now mainly about getting more power to the federal government. Here is the link to info on the enquiry:

     The Saltbush Club has made a submission entitled:

     Here are some extracts:

The Landscape and wildlife of Australia was shaped and then maintained by frequent mild burning for at least 40,000 years. This reality must be recognised and it dictates that there are only two futures for Australia:

    A healthy safe landscape that maintains sustainable vegetation, wildlife and people. This requires that we re-establish the successful fire regimes of the past.

    A dangerous and destructive landscape with too many people cowering in suburban and rural enclaves surrounded by a tinderbox of pest-ridden weeds, scrub and litter – a threat to trees, wildlife and property. This is today’s fire regime in Eastern Australia.

Wildfire in the Litter

Here is a Five Point Plan which should come from Bushfire Enquiry number 58.

Firstly, appoint trained and experienced foresters to maintain safe and healthy public forests. They should be given authority and resources for reducing fuel loads especially in national parks and forests by cool season burning, or by combinations of grazing, timber harvesting, slashing/mulching and collecting dead fire-wood. Private landowners must be enabled and obliged to become fire safe, subject only to local fire wardens.

Secondly, create and maintain wide clear trafficable roads, tracks and firebreaks through the forests and around towns and private properties. In fire seasons, these patrolled fire-barriers will help to confine any fire to one sector and provide a prepared line from which to back burn if there is an approaching fire. We should also increase the penalties for arson in times of high fire danger.

Thirdly, build more dams and weirs to provide water for fire-fighting and to provide fire havens for humans, animals and vegetation.

Fourthly, abolish restrictions on the management of “protected” vegetation reserves on private land – especially those on private land sterilised to fulfil government Kyoto Protocol promises or under Local Government and State Government vegetation protection rules and regulations. Governments have created these fire hazards by trying to wrap vast areas of vegetation in cotton wool and green tape (both of which are flammable). Sadly, Government “protection” of flora and fauna has proved to be the fiery kiss of death.

Fifthly, decentralise fuel and forest management out of the cities and into the regions.

City-based politicians and bureaucrats have done enormous harm by locking up land and opposing fuel load reduction. Decisions on vegetation risk management should be handed to property owners, park rangers, forest managers and rural fire wardens.

This is an independent newsletter produced for the Saltbush Club, an Australian-based organisation which opposes waste of resources, opposes pollution, opposes the baseless war on hydro-carbon fuels and promotes the rational un-subsidised use of all energy resources including coal, oil, gas, hydro, nuclear, wind, solar and geo-thermal. It also advocates common sense on bushfires, infrastructure and water conservation.

Literary, financial or other contributions to help our cause are welcomed.
We get no government grants and unlike many of our opponents, we do not pose as a charity and in fact pay GST and income tax. We live on subscriptions and human energy alone.

For more information visit our web site at www.saltbushclub.com



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