Bringing Democrat Cities to Their Knees? By Charles Taylor

This is more like it, getting down to fighting strategically. While antifa wants to bash and burn, the real thing to do is to teach the urban terrorists and the rest of the decadent Left, how dependent they are upon the working class people they despise. Here is where the truckers come in:

“A large number of independent truckers are planning to strike in November, a move that would put more pressure on a strained US food and supply chain. Truckers aren’t happy with the left-wing mayors who openly allow rioting, looting and other forms of lawlessness. This ultimately puts unneeded pressure on the truckers to defend their lives and their cargo. With some cities de-funding their law enforcement operations, truckers are left to fend for themselves as they pass through dangerous and dilapidated cities to deliver food and other critical supplies.

Truckers could cut off food and supplies to lawless democrat cities

During the 2020 election, truckers heard presidential nominee Joe Biden say he would transition the country away from fossil fuels, disrespecting the men and women who provide energy, food and supplies using this crucial energy source. With reports of election fraud now cropping up around the country, truckers are fed up that their country is being taken over by criminals and communists. Some of them are taking actions in protest.

A group of independent truckers are organizing a four-day strike at the end of November. They formed a group online (soon to be censored), called Stop the Tires Truckers. Over 15,000 people joined the group in a short amount of time. They plan to halt all non-medical deliveries, which includes food and other household supplies like toilet paper. Their protest is aimed at stopping democrat politicians from making destructive decisions that will impact the future of Americans. This includes stopping the Green New Deal.

Stop the Tires Truckers wrote online:

We will not participate in the leftist, Biden/Harris Green New Deal. We do not support the banning of fracking. The United States of America operates as a capitalistic economy and OIL is the fuel she survives on. With this being said, we will STOP ALL TIRES for 24 hours on Veterans Day 11/11/20. If this is not effective and our leaders do not respect that blue-collar truck drivers are having to face domestic terrorism, primarily in democrat run cities all over the United States, and that we do not support the banning of fracking in any way, then we will have our second STOP OF TIRES for FOUR full days 11/26/20-11/29/20. 

Americans must condemn destructive Democrat policies and thank the blue collar workers who contribute to society

The families that still sit down together for Thanksgiving should really think about where their food comes from this year. Truckers are the life blood of the convenient modern-day grocery system. When the Democrats cut fracking and oil production, they cut out the truckers and destroy the system of convenience their city infrastructure depends upon. Without the truckers, the city-dwellers would go hungry, starving in the streets, wiping their a&$es on the concrete.

Truckers wield tremendous power over the cities and could stop delivering all their crucial food and supplies. If Democrats are going to let the cities be overrun with crime and voter fraud, then truckers should only deliver goods to the rural areas, where people are one hundred times more likely to respect property rights, the rule of law, fair elections, and a diverse, prosperous American economy. City-dwellers have very little to offer rural society; in fact, their liberal lock downs and riots are a destructive force to America. Truckers are fed up.

When Brazil levied a tax on fuel in 2018, pushing diesel prices up 50 percent over one year, truckers stopped delivering food and supplies to most of the country for ten days. When stores started seeing shortages, people panicked, stocking up on the remaining supplies. The country went to the brink of collapse until the politicians corrected their destructive course. America could be on the brink of another supply chain breakdown if the rule of law is not restored.”


Just imagine antifa getting their hands dirty and growing their own food, if it could be done in the urban cesspools?






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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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