Bottom of the Ocean, Why Not Them All? By Chris Knight

     Good times! Left wing progressive media entity, BuzzFeed, is cutting staff, like they are going out of style, which they are:

“This is going to be a tough week,” Ben Smith, the editor in chief of BuzzFeed News, wrote in an email to his staff on Wednesday. On Friday, the newsroom learned just how tough, when the company laid off 43 of the roughly 250 journalists who worked in that division, according to a BuzzFeed spokesman. The cut was the start of a planned 15 percent reduction of the overall work force at BuzzFeed, a company perhaps best known for producing content meant to be shared on social media. The layoffs, which the staff learned about from an email sent by the BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti, are expected to continue into next week and affect around 200 employees. The staff reduction at BuzzFeed News included the seven members of the national desk, the six-person national security team and the two journalists covering health, according to the spokesman. All but two members of the entertainment team were laid off and all but one on the L.B.G.T. desk. There were no cuts to the technology, politics or investigations teams. “The national desk at @BuzzFeedNews was killed off today,” Tina Susman, the national editor, wrote on Twitter. “This was my first full-time editing gig, and I nearly didn’t take the job, but despite tday’s gloominess i’m glad I did. It’s been great, and I’m proud to ride out the front door with my team.”

     That’s the spirit Tina, I am sure there will be some place in the kingdom of Leftism for you to find a niche, especially with your excellent punctuation. Speaking of niches, BuzzFeed has had a journalistic history which is far from dignified, with a scandal of mass plagiarism:

“And so, we have the shameful, sorrowful tale of despair that is BuzzFeed’s existence. Created by a self-hating failure, staffed with self-hating failures, and made for self-hating failures, the atrocious plagiarism-ridden performance of BuzzFeed as a media entity was written into the very DNA of its staff. Now here we are, where the ill-fated company has given a black eye to NBC, ABC, CNN, and every mainstream outlet imaginable and scarred the reputation of journalism for whatever few decades America’s democracy may have left. BuzzFeed was supposed to be a 100-year news agency. It couldn’t even last a decade before imploding under its own incompetence. And so, it is written: the tragedy that is BuzzFeed. Sad… so sad…”

     No, not so sad. It is something to celebrate when the mainstream press melts down. As feminists used to saw, or maybe still do, if you can send a man to the moon, then why not them all? But, if one mainstream press can be sent to the bottom of the ocean, then why not them all?



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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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