BLM Founder’s Way of Using Retail Therapy to Deal with White Racism By Charles Taylor (Florida)

This material is from the great New York Post, which is delivering some hard-hitting investigative journalism, looks bad for the controversial Marxist co-founder of Black Lives Matter, who recently completed tens of thousands of dollars in renovations at her luxurious Los Angeles home, such as building a new plunge pool and backyard sauna. However, people should not be too hard, since there is so much white privilege around, especially seen in struggling white families who are set to lose their homes, and who at present can hardly get enough food, that some luxury is needed by rich BLM to deal with the stress of white racism which is everywhere, dripping down the walls. After a hard day of racist abuse, your average BLM dude needs to relax in a nice steaming sauna, and plunge pool. It helps with the pain of living in a totally white racist society. Or, so they say.

“The controversial Marxist co-founder of Black Lives Matter recently completed tens of thousands of dollars in renovations at her posh Los Angeles home, including building a new plunge pool and backyard sauna, according to a new report.

Patrisse Cullors, 39, the former leader of Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, also added a children’s play area for her young son outside her 2,580-square foot three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Los Angeles’ Topanga Canyon neighborhood, photos show.

The images reveal a deep plunge pool that has yet to have water added, as well as a small shed that houses the sauna. A child’s swing set and covered slide is also visible in the photograph.

Cullors, who resigned from the national group a month after The Post revealed that she had gone on a real estate buying spree last year, paid $1.4 million for the Topanga Canyon home in March 2021, according to public records.

At the time of her May 2021 resignation, Cullors insisted her “retirement” from the group that she had led for six years had been in the works, and was not tied to the controversy surrounding the shopping spree in which she amassed four properties for more than $3.2 million amid the group’s troubled finances.

Among the properties was a sprawling home attached to an airplane hangar and runway in an Atlanta suburb that she has since sold, according to public records.

Cullors also used donations to pay a company owned by her baby daddy, Damon Turner, $969,459 for “live production, design and media,” according to the group’s latest filings with the IRS. 

Cullors chalked up the reports on her properties and spending as “right-wing bullying” and said that she had paid for her holdings with money she made from book and speaking deals.

Last year, BLMGNF said it took in more than $90 million following the May 2020 murder of George Floyd, a black man whose death under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer led to protests around the world.

Cullors, who bought the Topanga Canyon property under her company Abolitionist Entertainment LLC, paid for the house in cash, according to a celebrity real estate blog.

The backyard renovations are in addition to a $35,000 fence that Cullors installed around the property last year.

After Cullors resigned from BLMGNF, the group continued to be mired by financial controversies.

Last month, the non-profit’s new leader was accused of siphoning more than $10 million in fees from donors to pay his consulting firm, according to a lawsuit.

But the BLM leader, Shalomyah Bowers, told The Post last month the case against him is nothing more than a power grab by disgruntled activists trying to wrest control of the movement.”

Of course; we should wear sack cloth and ashes for thinking otherwise!



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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