Big Money is Being Spent to Disarm America (Taylor’s Breathless Message from America) By Charles Taylor

     Here are a number of videos abut the march on Washington, by “young” people to protest ordinary Americans having guns. The agenda, or what one speakers calls the “beginning of a revolution,” is to completely disarm basically white Americans. At no point does any of these eager beavers deal with the issue of gun violence in cities such as Chicago and Baltimore. The “March of our Lives,” was politically correct event, paid for by the Deep State elites, so naturally there would be nothing that would draw attention to the real gun violence in America, where murders were happening while they spoke, even in the same city in which they were protesting. And, no criticisms of the FBI and law enforcement, who knew that the shooter was a problem, but ignored it.

     One would have thought that this should be the main issue of concern, since banning guns in America, would still leave America awash with illegal guns anyway. Add to this that some of the speakers give a communist salute, and the cat’s out of the bag. Let us hope that the message gets out loud and clear to American patriots, that this is the libtard vision of the US future. There needs to be an investigation into who funded such an event, because high school students could not have done this alone. Then there needs to be another march on Washington by gun owners to counter all of this. After that, I suppose the communists are right; there will be a “revolution,” as they say, with some from the Left already indicating that they are planning armed revolt, probably with the confiscated guns: 

     Study these videos, for they give an indication of the next wave of student-lead protests, as the elites, as in the 1960s, manipulate the youth to fight their globalist battles: 

     I noticed that there were a multitude of guys with guns from the system, there to protect the rights of those who want to take away guns, which is oh so convenient, and inconsistent:

     Never mind about “skipping school,” for gun banning comes first: 

     Still, even in the darkest moments there are some funnies, such as the US teacher who is arming students with rocks to throw at any shooter! Maybe, in a crazy world, that is not just a bad idea, since it is pro-active, and kids tend to be good shots with rocks: 

     To toss a bone to the liberal wolves, always snapping at his heels, President Trump has now moved to ban bump stocks, which increase the rate of fire of semiauto rifles:

     It is a futile move by a weak, cucked president, who will still be hated by the politically correct no matter what he does. Trump could fully ban all guns, and it would not matter. He is either too challenged in the IQ department to see, or he was a plant from the beginning. Look, Trump, there is plenty you should be reading to see what the power elites think of you: 

     All before they impeach you:

     As a footnote, I am amused how many young Alt Righters seem to think that Taylor Swift is “on side.” Really?



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Monday, 27 June 2022