Biden Regime Protection from Hunter Biden Backlash By Charles Taylor

The Biden regime is getting ready for the big backlash over the Hunter Biden laptop revelations about the Biden crime family. But, having taxpayer’s money to burn, $ 265,000 will be spent on damage control, and that is just the start. It is but another example of the Democrats, who are the symbol of decadent corrupt woke liberalism, covering up, and exhibiting heir contempt for both truth, and justice. People of good conscience could not vote for them, which explains why so many dead people, directly from hell, vote for them!

“The Biden White House is staffing up to defend the president and his administration against the potential coming onslaught of Republican-led probes focused on first-son Hunter Biden.

In anticipation of a GOP victory in the House in November, the White House has so far agreed to part ways with $265,000 of taxpayer dollars for salaries of staffers who will primarily fend off the coming attacks.

And that number is expected to grow.

In May, Richard Sauber, the Department of Veterans Affairs top attorney, agreed to join the White House as 'deputy counsel to the president' and take on the role of handling probes from Congress.

Ian Sams, who once worked for the disastrous presidential campaign of Vice President Kamala Harris, and more recently for the Department of Health and Human Services, was also hired in May to officially run communications for the team of White House protectors.

Sauber will take home a salary of $155,000 annually, and Sams will earn $110,000, according to White House public records. 

In a recent statement, Sams said of his new role, 'As we have since the transition, we are ensuring the White House is prepared for the issues we are facing or will face in the future, and we have built and continue to build a strong legal team to conduct our work and serve the public and the President.' 

Meanwhile, Republicans are preparing to gain control of the oversight reigns and have been making the rounds announcing some of their plans.

Rep. Jim Comer (R-Ky.) is on track to become the chair of the Oversight Committee should his party regain control of the lower chamber.

He's said the Republican focus on Hunter Biden has little to do with his past and present troubles: drug addiction, paternity lawsuits, and the like. And everything to do with the security of American interests.

Comer recently called the younger Biden a 'national security threat' and is determined to investigate the family's foreign business relationships which he believes could include 'peddling access to the highest levels to enrich themselves to the detriment of U.S. interests.'

Comer has asked the Treasury Department to hand more details over, but so far, they have not done so.

'Americans deserve transparency from President Biden about his family’s suspicious business dealings. But instead of providing transparency, the White House is hiring staff at the American taxpayers' expense to stonewall congressional oversight and accountability,' Comer told the New York Post.”



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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