Beware – The Welfare vs Work Issue by James Reed

I am always on guard when the government starts talking about how well off people on welfare are. (The Australian, October 28, 2016, p. 1) Hence the shock! horror! that a single parent with four children could receive around $50,000, equivalent to someone earning $65,000 a year. The Liberals and the capitalist elite class are in horror of people getting money and not “working” and the Liberals are busy, busy, busy at work overhauling welfare, so I presume the single parent with four kids will have to work in the salt mines.

Never mind that there is no work out there. Or that it will be damn difficult for any parent with four children to work. So what do the Libtards want: let the kids be neglected, turn to crime and cost society even more? It is the typical attitude of an economically-obsessed political class who have lost any basic concern for social cohesion and sustainability. The feminists should be hammering them on this one, but as we saw with the Gillard cuts, single parents don’t rate high on their list of priorities. And we haven’t even got to putting a social credit spin on all of this, that the entire “work or die” philosophy needs  to die, because it does not work.
Brian Simpson has an excellent article that takes this issue further, especially in light of the machine and computer age - the fourth industrial revolution - that opens this whole argument up to the social credit answer of a "universal dividend for all" while the machines do the work, paid from the National Credit Authority.



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Wednesday, 31 May 2023

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