Beijing Biden and Universal Mask Fetishism By Charles Taylor (Florida)

There is no federal law about wearing masks, it is a state concern under the US constitution. But, as stolen, false pseudo-president, Beijing Biden with his  fetish over masks, wants the whole country wearing masks, or face nappies, all in violation of the 10th Amendment. This is commo clown world now, as the country slides to collapse.

Just a passing thought, but I saw on one site a brief mention that Trump around mid-year tweeted that there was going to be millions of votes stolen in the election. This raises the question as why he did not go into immediate action, rather than let disaster happen? I wonder … those like Mike Adams seem to be thinking in terms of 4-d chess, but I doubt it. My guess is that Trump was controlled opposition from the beginning. The idea by the hyper-elites was to put in a populist president, so that there could be a massive backlash, pushing the New World Order agenda much further than even would be done under Clinton. Witness how the Democrats morphed into a total communist party, and how Biden is essentially a Chinese agent. But I hope that I am wrong, but we will see.




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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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