Before the Ink dries…the Next Big Thing By Mrs Vera West

     First, the same sex marriage legislation, and then, almost instantly, we have this:

     Read all about it if you need more details than the headlines.

     But, the situation for Christians was perfectly summed up by Bob Katter when he said, “Mr Speaker, I repeat for the third time, every single effort to protect religious freedom has been denigrated today.  I would like to ask the Christians in Australia to remember not one time did the parliament protect them today.”  Religious freedom has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness and “progressive” politics:

“The prospect of lawfare against schools that uphold traditional teaching on marriage and sexual morality is pertinent to the debate.
What will happen when a gay couple who have enrolled their child in a Catholic or other Christian school objects to the teaching on the sacrament of marriage, which has at its centre the reproductive sexual relationship and the statement that you are born of a mother and father?  Will the school be taken to the anti-discrimination tribunal, as was Catholic Archbishop of Hobart Julian Porteous?  After all, that is what the contentious booklet Don’t Mess with Marriage was about.  In Western Australia, using anti-discrimination legislation, the left already is trying to limit the exemptions for religious schools.”

     The answer to this question is obvious; the anti-discrimination laws will be used, because that is why such laws were put in place.
     Christians need to get some backbone and take a stand against the major parties, who have ignored them, and indeed, effectively buried them. Most of the Liberals who supported “No” simply left the chamber when the vote took place. Mobilized Christians can certainly do some damage to the Liberals if they get their act together in supporting independents and parties such as One Nation. Forty percent of the country could make a difference if these people cease to sit on their hands in apathy, and start political action. That involves, organising in association with others, and joining groups ready to deal with these issues.



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Friday, 12 July 2024

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