Be Afraid of “The Very Big Idea” By Paul Walker

     Malcolm Turnbull is backing the idea, recommended by the Referendum Council, which dismissed “minimalist” models of constitutional reform, of a special advisory board to the parliament, because, as one defender puts it "First Peoples have the right to be consulted on policies that affect them”:  To this it should be replied, that they already have this, and there is no need for constitutional change.  All people have the right to be consulted on policies that affect them, but one does not need constitutional change to do this. So, what’s the agenda?

     Constitutional change in this direction will set up a new super-parliament and throw the Australian system out of kilter.  But, it is good that at long last the elites have come out with their proposal.
     It will be an easy target to destroy. The difficulty will be that the new class will support anything that brings down traditional Australia, and they have the resources.  But, we have the righteous anger, and now is the time to really start grassroots protests. I will be delighted to see them lose this one, just like they lost the Republic referendum, just like they lost the US 2016 election and Brexit.  Make their defeat a most bitter one for them.



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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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