Banning the Blood of Christ in the U Decay By Richard Miller

     It is a hard time to be a Christian, getting back to the persecution mode of the Roman era, especially for those who evangelise:

“The latest assault on Christians is happening in Speakers’ Corner in London’s Hyde Park. A Christian man has been told that he can no longer display his banner, which declares nothing more than “The blood of Jesus Christ.” Whether this ban on signage is a new law that will be applied to any and all posters being hung by every religious denomination, as well as the rest of the speakers who pontificate at the park, remains to be seen. As a victim of homophobic abuse from a bunch of Muslim regulars at Speakers’ Corner, which I reported to the police at the time of occurrence, I was told that had the death threats against me happened just metres from where I was standing (outside the park), then the police could make arrests. Speakers’ Corner, as it happens, is outside the law of the UK, according to the Met police. Anything goes, they told me. Anything except a declaration of an allegiance to Jesus. Call for jihad in the name of Muhammad and it’s fine, but make calls for people to come together in Christ and that’s a step too far for the cops in Hyde Park.

This isn’t the first time we’re seeing double standards by the police in relation to Christian preachers here in the UK. Three men were arrested and charged in Bristol for the offence of reading from the Bible on a public street. Meanwhile, dawah stalls litter a large number of streets in London, from Dalston Junction to Woolwich, over to Kilburn and beyond. There is a permanent one set up in Leicester Square which blasts music (noise pollution) and hands out free Qurans and bad advice. These men never get tackled by police or shut down or asked to move along. They certainly don’t get arrested. Lee Rigby’s killers were free to walk around Greenwich park distributing extremist Islamic material with no complaints from the public, and no arrests made by the police. The three Christian men in Bristol, however, were mocked by the public, and the police were applauded and cheered when they made the arrests. It’s a scene that replicates the mocking of Jesus during his arrest, trial and punishment on his way to the cross.

The banners that are normally on display in the very small section of Hyde Park that is known as Speakers’ Corner generally verge on the ridiculous. The Blood of Jesus Christ pales in comparison to the rest of the posters and banners which generally tell of the end of the world being nigh, advocate for socialism, claim that meat is murder, offer free psychic healing and hugs, as well as tell tales of extraterrestrial life forms sending radio signals to interfere with our brains. The most offensive sign that I’ve seen at Speakers’ Corner, and on the majority of dawah stalls, are those that tell me Jesus is a Muslim. No, Jesus is not a Muslim. As a Christian, I would not get away with putting up a poster stating that Muhammad was a Christian. I’d be met by a braying mob before being swiftly arrested. The Blood of Jesus is not an offensive statement; it is the very heart of Christianity. The Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation states that we drink it in the Communion wine, with Christ’s body being found and ingested in the wafer.”

     The UK is well on the way to abandoning Christianity.  It will not happen today, or tomorrow, but it is on the time track, a given with the nature of mass migration:

“Europe was home to between 3.9 million and 4.8 million unauthorised immigrants in 2017, about half of whom lived in the UK and Germany, according to the first comprehensive estimate in more than a decade. The Pew Research Center study, based on data from the 32 EU and Efta member states and international organisations, found the range was significantly higher than in 2014 (3 million to 3.7 million) but had fallen slightly since a 2016 peak of 4.1 million to 5.3 million. The study also found that unauthorised immigrants in Europe came from many different countries, had arrived relatively recently and were mostly young and male. Andrew Geddes, the director of the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute in Florence, said the study presented a “rigorous, robust and credible” picture of an issue that many Europeans had “lost trust and confidence in the capacity of their governments – and the EU – to deal with competently”. Victoria Rietig, of the German Council on Foreign Relations, said there was agreement in Germany that unauthorised immigration was “bad for security, bad for the people concerned who live in the shadows, bad for social cohesion,” but that the debate had become “toxic and increasingly ideological”.

The study found that Germany, the UK, Italy and France, which between them represent about 50% of Europe’s total population of 500 million people, accounted for roughly 70% of unauthorised immigrants, with Germany and the UK alone accounting for about half. Between 1 million and 1.2 million unauthorised migrants were living in Germany in 2017, the study’s authors said, roughly double the number in 2014 but slightly down on 2016. Another 800,000 to 1.2 million were settled in the UK, 500,000 to 700,000 in Italy and 300,000 to 400,000 in France. The study found that in Germany the ratio of authorised to unauthorised immigrants roughly reflected the European average of four to one, while in the UK the ratio was closer to one to one, meaning there were almost as many unauthorised immigrants as authorised. In Italy and France, authorised immigrants outnumbered unauthorised by between six and nine to one. The number of unauthorised immigrants in Germany almost doubled between 2014 and 2016, while in the UK the total barely changed. The report’s authors said most of the UK’s unauthorised immigrants were “likely to be people who have overstayed their visas, or asylum seekers who have remained in the UK after not seeing their cases approved”.

     This is only the beginning of the mass movements of peoples to the West, thought to number in the billions in the near future. This is the legacy of big business and their furry  mates, the Left.



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Wednesday, 24 April 2024

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