Banks Becoming Big Brother on Woke Climate Change Hysteria By Richard Miller (London)

This is happening in woke Britain, so do not be surprised to see the same thing soon in Australia. NatWest bank has been policing climate change hysteria and the associated oppression, with a “Carbon Footprint Tracker” on its mobile app. This uses transaction data of its customers and then makes suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint. In turn this is done by an analysis based on their shopping habits. Thus, suggestions have been made to customers to stop drinking dairy milk, not to buy new items such as clothing, share car journeys, wash clothes in cold water and turn off tumble dryers and heaters. Vegetarianism is actively promoted.

So far, all of this is advisory, but we can see where this will go with Central Bank Digital Currencies, where customers who act contrary to the carbon mania will simply be debanked.

“NatWest has been accused of 'intrusion' after starting a new function that combs customers' accounts to track their carbon footprint. 

A 'Carbon Footprint Tracker' on the bank's mobile app uses transaction data of its customers to make suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint based on their shopping habits. 

According to The Telegraph, the bank told customers to consider fixing their clothing instead of buying new items, and start drinking plant-based alternatives to dairy milk. 

The bank also urged customers to share car journeys, wash clothes in cold water and turn off tumble dryers. 

Under the spending part of the app, NatWest customers are told the impact of conventional buys. 

In one example seen by The Telegraph, it reads: 'If you spend £15 on a dress at a high-street shop, that could equate to a foot-print of 16kg CO2.'

The bank also describes ways in which customers can change their diets to become more eco-friendly, such as going vegetarian. 

Other lifestyle changes include buying old furniture and purchasing second-hand clothes. 

Customers have personalised carbon footprint scores in kilograms of Co2 based on their spending habits, it was reported. 

A message on the app reads: 'The UK's average monthly carbon footprint is approximately 1,000kgs [of CO2]. To help reduce the impact of climate change, scientists recommend that by 2030 we should aim for our carbon footprints to be around 180kgs'.

One customer, Faith Scott, said she thought the bank's carbon footprint calculator was an 'intrusion'. 

'We don't need all this preaching to us. I don't take flights hither and thither. I grow my own vegetables and make my own food,' she said.

A NatWest spokesperson said: 'Customers tell us they want to take action to live more sustainably, and to save money at the same time on things like energy bills, but they don't aways know where to begin. The Carbon Footprint Tracker is an opt-in feature in our app that helps customers to see the carbon impact of their spending, at an aggregated level, and provides tips and suggestions to reduce this and to help them to save money too. If a customer opts-in, they can then opt-out at any point in settings in the Insights section of the app'.” 




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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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