Baby Formula Crisis; Another Food Conspiracy? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The great US baby formula crisis continues. We cannot write this off as part of the Great White Replacement, since American  babies of all races are suffering, except the babies of illegals, for as reports have indicated, there is plenty of formula for them. Why it has taken so long to deal with a contamination issue at the main depot is anyone’s guess, well, maybe not if you are of the conspiratorial mind set, and see this event as fitting in with other food destroying events, such as the burning down of food factories. I put this down to being but one part of the planned chaos the elites are unleashing upon a suffering, if not scared people, bashed into submission.

“The Biden baby formula shortage continues to be visually noticeable as empty shelves have become a standard fixture in grocery stores nationwide.

In footage taken by Breitbart News and its readers, near-empty stores in states ranging from Oklahoma, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, Virginia, New Hampshire, and Missouri can be seen.

While infant hospitalizations due to this crisis continue to grow, no more than a few miles away across the Southern border, grocery stores in Mexico are well stocked, as documented by Breitbart News’s Cartel Chronicles team.

Earlier this month, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said this issue was something the administration was aware of back in February.

“This is something [President Biden] is focusing on very acutely and again I said 24/7 we’ve been working on this since we have learned about this back in February,” Jean-Pierre said during a daily briefing.

Relief for American families may be several weeks away, however, despite Abbott Nutrition reaching an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a plan to restart production at their Sturgis, Michigan plant. As News Channel 3 reports, “The plant could reopen in as soon as two weeks– but even once production starts, it could be another six to eight weeks before that product hits store shelves.”

Abbott issued a recall of their baby formula product in February after two infants reportedly died after consuming the product and another two became ill.”

Chinese government media outlets condemned the U.S. baby formula market, in some cases citing American media, this weekend for not allowing more imports amid a crippling shortage that has resulted in infant hospitalizations nationwide.

The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, claimed in a piece published in English on Saturday that “Donald Trump administration’s efforts to protect domestic formula producers” were partly to blame for acute shortages of the product nationwide, in some areas resulting in the depletion of up to 40 percent of stock. The propaganda outlet cited the pro-big business Wall Street Journal as supporting its position.

In a column on Thursday, the Global Times, another government propaganda outlet, called policies to protect American manufacturers “the root cause of the formula crisis” and called on America to “expand infant formula imports.”

Chinese parents have struggled in recent memory to acquire safe, legitimate infant formula products in the face of numerous scandals – from corrupt hospitals conspiring with pharmacies to profit from the sales of fake formula to local stores selling nutritionless fake formula powders to formula laced with the toxic chemical melamine killing children.

“With only four major manufacturers of formula in the United States today: Mead Johnson, Abbott, Nestle, and Perrigo, some 40 percent of the nation’s baby formula has been out of stock recently, causing new mothers to hunt from store to store to feed their infants,” the People’s Daily – citing another Chinese state news agency, Xinhua – relayed on Saturday, using the Wall Street Journal to make the case for importing foreign baby formula into the United States.

‘One reason the market is so concentrated is tariffs up to 17.5 percent on imports, which protect domestic producers from foreign competition,’ said The Wall Street Journal last week,” the Chinese outlet amplified, “citing the Donald Trump administration’s efforts to protect domestic formula producers by imposing quotas and tariffs on Canadian imports in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement trade deal.”

The Global Times far more aggressively condemned the United States for its measures to keep unsafe foreign baby formula products out of the country, calling that “the root cause of the formula crisis” on Thursday.

“The US had a long history as a protectionist country, with former US President Donald Trump making protectionism a high priority. Now, an industry-wide infant formula shortage offers a window to observe the impact of trade protectionism on certain industries,” the Global Times, often China’s most belligerent English-language mouthpiece, asserted.

“Decades of misguided protectionism have offered US infant formula industry immunity from international competition,” the Times insisted. “As a result of protectionism, a majority of infant formula consumed in the US is produced domestically.”




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Monday, 27 June 2022