Avengers: Endgame and a Teransgender 007: Dropping Movies is Long overdue By chris Knight

     There is shock, horror from Dissent Righters about, first, the elimination of the main white characters from the latest big money movie, Avengers: Endgame, and also from the present 007 James bond, Daniel Craig, who wants a gay, transgender and/or black/non-white Bond. Really, what does one expect in a cultural war? It is somewhat puzzling that so many of the US righters, our equivalents, churn out books on movies, and write so much about them. Don’t they have lives? Movies are even more colonised than the universities, and we need to completely abandon them, not even watching them for free, because this is consumption of toxic cultural  waste. The core reason is that this media is a massive passive time waster, that absorbs time that could be spent doing something to improve one’s mind, such as learning another language, pursuing political actionism, or even studying STEM topics.

     Of course, Hollywood is going to be just like the Democratic Party, or our labour Party on film. Why would one want to have one’s mind and emotions manipulated by this? In watching this bs one is allowing the poison to enter your brain. That does not seem wise to me. If, as the Left argues, guns as objects have the power to turn people evil, then what effects will the total sensory bombardment of cinema do to our state of mind?

“Dartmouth Professor Chesley L. Kivland argued in a column that guns have the power to turn people evil. Kivland published a column in Pacific Standard magazine earlier this month that argued that guns have the power to turn people evil. Kivland, an expert on Haiti, drew on Haitian mythology to make the claim that gun “magic” influences a shooter’s decision to kill their victim. When I asked Belairians why these deaths occurred, they often surmised that the gunmen fell victim to maji, or “magic.” In Haiti, magic refers to an unethical use of spiritual power, distinct from ceremonial forms of Vodou, which call on ancestors to heal and protect the family. (Vodou is the preferred spelling, rather than Voodoo, which some practitioners view as derogatory.) This form of magic entails engaging with secret powers that allow a person to advance at the expense of another. To many, the men died because the occult forces they had been using for unethical gain had ultimately turned against them—opening them up to conflict and failing to protect them… It would be shortsighted to dismiss these claims as the misguided logic of a “superstitious people.” That racially inflected trope, long used to marginalize and demonize Haitians, among others, blinds observers to the way in which guns do exhibit a power akin to magic: the power to create a change in someone’s state of mind. Kivland goes on to criticize gun advocates in the United States. She argues that gun advocates incorrectly view a gun as a “neutral tool” rather than one that encourages violence by the person who holds it in their hand.”

     Welcome to clown world … or a better metaphor: the lunatics now run the asylum, and have been doing so, at least since the 1960s.

Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.



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Sunday, 03 July 2022