Please listen to Alan Jones who talks about the threat to our underground water as talks to the former senior Queensland bureaucrat (Water Allocation and Planning) about the threat of damage from mines in the Galilee Basin and 200 square kilometres
Learn about the threat of 11/2-2million tonnes of salt being fed into into the Great Artesian Basin.
Listen here…
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Yesterday you voted with the LNP to give mining companies free access to all the water they want.
The water trigger laws will give mining companies rights over the farmers and rural communities access to water
So here’s a question for you. How did the donations that have been made by the CFMEU to your party affect your decision to vote against the farmers?
We know the role the CFMEU is playing right now as the stooge union for New Hope Group - and we know they are 'looking after the numbers' for the vote in Queensland Parliament.
So tell us, boys.
Has a party that the people of Queensland always believed to be decent, hardworking and fair dinkum now lined up to get their little pink snouts in the trough as well?
What an absolute tragedy. We thought you were so much better than this, but that vote clearly seems to tell us otherwise.
Political parties can no longer afford to use the old “job jobs “ mantra over the nations requirements for its food and water security.
We will only support parties that are willing to put our nation first – and their own political careers second.
Shame on you. The people of rural and regional Queensland have always believed in you and put their trust in you - and now you turn around and do this to them.
Sold out for a drink of water. Now, that's quite an epitaph for a party headstone, isn't it?



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Friday, 27 January 2023

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