Australians Have a Way to Go Until They Skip to Oblivion By James Reed

     I do not believe opinion polls, that somehow by statistical black magic, a sample of a few hundred or a thousand people suddenly give “representative” results about the entire country. But, if it did, this is Australia now:

“Lovers of regulation, supporters of same-sex couples and very liberal when it comes to abortion – this is how a sample of a thousand Australians perceive themselves. Australia is a country that accepts gay couples, hates the big banks, considers second-generation migrants “Australian”, but the majority feel negatively towards Islam. New wide-ranging data released by YouGov has revealed fascinating insights into the Australian identity, its place in the world, and its many contradictions. Australians were the second-highest out of 23 countries surveyed in not considering where someone’s parents come from as relevant to identifying as Australian, but in our personal lives, 47% admitted to having “very few” or no close friends of a different ethnic background. And 80% of us believe women still suffer discrimination, but a third also think the women’s rights movement has gone too far. Older Australians, perhaps surprisingly, are just as supportive of gender equality as their younger counterparts. In some cases, more so. But generational fault lines opened up over same-sex relationships (those under 45 vs over 45) and the acceptance of transgender Australians (under 35 and over 35).”

     If it was true that Australians love mass immigration so much then it is all over, and the super-capitalists may as well finish off the country with say one billion immigrants per year. Mine everything, get rid of all regulations, and make the entire country into a nuclear waste dump, as many have proposed. Only, dump the radioactive waste in the main streets, as it will be cheaper. I mean, the waste dump for South Australia was going to involve dumping the radioactive material in open pits, wasn’t it, or something equally as insane?

      Make the cities into total pressure cookers, take away jobs, resources, even water and beer, and then ask the dumb Aussies if there are still “no worries, mate.”  However, do not give up hope just yet. I just looked to the side of this article celebrating infinity immigration and found the opposite:

“Almost half of Australians believe immigration should be reduced but more people are broadly positive than negative towards the largest cohorts of migrants, including skilled workers and refugees, according to a new global survey shared exclusively with Guardian Australia. The poll of more than 25,000 people in 23 countries found that in Australia the strongest negativity was reserved for descriptions of migrants such as “people coming here to claim benefits” – categories which don’t exist under Australia’s immigration program. The YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Survey found 29% of respondents believed “the costs of immigration outweigh the benefits” for their local area. The same proportion believed costs and benefits were equal, while 23% felt the benefits outweighed the costs.”

     It just goes to show that with statistics, one can prove almost anything. Most of all, don’t give up hope and keep smiling. Look at me, they still call me happy Jimmy.


Authorised by K. W. Grundy
13 Carsten Court, Happy Valley, SA.



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Friday, 19 August 2022