Australian Needs 400 Million Chinese Refugees, Not, Today, No, Yesterday By James Reed

     Global warming is a truly amazing thing, it leads to the elimination of a meat diet, and everything else about the West including …  us. Get ready now, along with the African exodus, for 400 million Chinese climate refugees:

“NOW we know why Beijing is so interested in the South China Sea: Killer heatwaves are set to sweep across northern China within just 50 years. If they don’t leave, 400 million citizens could face a day where they’re left with only hours to live. And that day will be a pressure cooker. A report published this week in the science journal Nature Communications details the effect of climate change on China’s great North Plain, which contains the megacities Beijing and Tianjin. The area’s once fertile open fields have become among the most densely inhabited places on Earth. But things are warming up. Fast. “This spot is going to be the hottest spot for deadly heatwaves in the future, especially under climate change,” warned lead author MIT professor Elfatih Eltahir. And the kinds of heatwaves the data predicts will be among the worst on Earth. Even in the shade, the ambient heat and humidity could end up killing humans within six hours. The historical weather archives for northern China point in a terrifying direction. Records show that, since 1970, heatwaves there have become both more intense and more frequent. Since 1990, their frequency has exploded. According to the paper, the average temperatures in the North China Plain are already consistently an average of 1.35C above those recorded during the 1950s. Extreme heatwaves have begun persisting for periods of up to 50 days, the study shows. As just one example, Shanghai, East China’s largest city, broke a 141-year temperature record in 2013. Dozens died. Essentially, the region is experiencing climate change at double the rate of the rest of the world.

     Say no more; they will be here faster than you can say: “climate crisis.” But wait, maybe there is some good news from the climate apocalypse engine for a change? Australia might fry too, so, we can all be refugees, going, who know where? Mars? The sun?

“Australian temperatures could reach dangerous highs before the end of the century because of climate change, a new report has revealed. The Climate Council has warned Sydney and Melbourne could begin experiencing 50 C degree days if greenhouse emissions continue to rise. The experts warned this summer was also 'shaping up as another terrible trifecta of heatwaves, droughts and bushfires'. 'Climate change is supercharging the extreme weather events we are witnessing,' Climate Councillor and report author, Professor Will Steffen said.” 

     Blah, blah, that is enough. At least the globalists have given us advanced warning on how they intend to proceed. Who knows. Maybe cyber war will take us out before the refugees even get going, making Australia a less interesting place to holiday: 



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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