Australian History Not Normally Told

I have spent this past weekend going over several videos about Australian history. The first two are as relevent today as they were when originally produced in 1989 and 2001.

The Planned Surrender of Australia
ED Butler presents an historical picture of the destructive work of our politicians and elites in their deliberate efforts to destroy 'the lucky country'. He explains why philosophy (what you believe) is so important in the formation of the society in which you wish to live. The perversion of our Constitution, by judges who knew exactly what they were doing, to move us along the socialist (centralist) road. The alignment of our economy with alien trading blocks to remove our independence and self reliance, especially away from the Commonwealth.
He also walks you through Natural Law, which if you violate, will always demonstrate the truth of that law.

In summary, the plight of the world is the manifestation that we are violating absolutes - we have forgotten God!

Retell The Story

Jeremy Lee presents the history of Australia's own People's Bank - the Commonwealth Bank. With an entire nations efforts directed for the first world war, we were able to come out of the war debt free, due to a different approach to financial policy. We were able to build the east-west railway line from Sydney to Perth and also finance huge projects with the Water Engineering firm in Victoria (The Board of Works).
He argues that the emasculation of the Commonwealth Bank by the political elites prior to the depression was a deliberate policy of privately owned banking interests, that the sudden and premature death of Sir Dennison Miller caused the entire financial policy of the people's bank to change for the worse. That during the depression, the dispossessed Australians who suffered so badly, were forced on their knees by an unnecessary financial policy.

Another video about Australian history that is also worth the effort.
The video highlights to me that Pauline Hanson was set up and deliberately destroyed by Tony Abbott and John Howard. That the major parties colluded together with preference deals to force her out of politics (and eventually into prison-ed), so Australians could never have a say on immigration policy and political correctness. (cultural marxism-ed)

Pauline Hanson: Please Explain! - a documentary from SBS

All videos present the same argument - that we must wake up and work tirelessly to save Australia!



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Thursday, 29 September 2022