Australia, Land Not of the Long Weekend, but Unexplained Heart Attacks! By Mrs Vera West

There is no, or little mention, of the explosion, if that is the word, of heart attacks in our otherwise quiet and passive nation of Oz. There are some media reports of the heart attacks, but it is being written off, saying that anyone can have a heart attack. Sure, they can, but the present occurrence in young people, especially athletic types should enliven scientific curiosity. But it is not because it might implicate the sacred jungle juice, and this is the doomsday cult of this age of decline and fall.

“Now that most of Australia has received all required doses of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccine” as mandated by the government, the country’s hospital system is overflowing with patients suffering from a variety of health problems.

One expert revealed that there has been a 40 percent rise in “Code 1s,” as well as lots of “unexplained” heart attacks, chest pains, and respiratory ailments. The situation sounds truly dire, but nobody seems to want to identify the elephant in the room, which is the injection.

“Sometimes you can’t explain why those things happen,” said the woman in the below interview, pleading ignorance on the matter.

When asked if she has any theories or ideas as to what might be causing this, the woman responded as follows:

“No, we don’t have that information yet, uh, but, um, you know, what I do know, uh, and I’m hearing some interjections on the side, is that the vaccines actually help people stay out of hospital, and not put them in hospital.”

In other words, the official story is that nobody knows why all these people are getting sick, but that it is definitely not the jabs because those are supposedly keeping people out of the hospital.


Do they really expect people to believe that the “vaccines” are somehow not responsible for this?

This blatant denial of the obvious makes sense for Australia, which like its neighbor New Zealand has been subjected to extreme psychological abuse ever since the plandemic began.

The country was targeted by behavioral manipulation “experts” out of the United Kingdom who performed psychological experimentation and abuse on the Aussie population to ready residents for the wave of medical fascism that has overtaken society.

It only makes sense that those in the know are now playing dumb about these spikes in disease and death that are occurring throughout Australia, and presumably in many other parts of the world as well.

“They just can’t admit it’s the vaccine,” wrote someone in the comments. “I have NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER heard of Code 1 heart attacks jumping 30 percent in my lifetime for unexplained reasons. The world has gone certifiably insane.”

“Snake toxins will do that every time,” said another.

How about the Australian politicians who pushed, and continue to push, the jabs? These people need to be held accountable for all these heart attacks, wrote someone else.

“Just wait until health insurance and life insurance companies get started with their lawsuits,” chimed in another, to which someone else responded that this is the first time in his life he would root for the lawyers.

“It really makes you wonder how they ever linked cigarette smoking to lung cancer,” said another, drawing an interesting parallel and contrast to how the establishment is so sure that covid jabs are not causing this uptick in heart disease, but also so sure that tobacco causes lung cancer despite a lack of conclusive evidence.

“You know what they are not linking, though, is the vape pen respiratory disease in the summer of 2019 that killed a bunch of people,” suggested another. “That was a covid trial.”

There is some speculation in the comments cited, but the main point still stands.





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Thursday, 13 June 2024

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