Aussies Go for Meat Over Climate Change Fanaticism By James Reed

I am pleased to report that Aussies, truly great meat eaters, have doubled down on resistance to things like the World Economic Forum quest for us ordinary people to abandon meat and eat insects, all for the sake of supposedly saving the planet from climate change. A La Trobe University survey of 700 Facebook account users from Australia, showed that people would rather do other things to “save the planet” than abandon meat. In general, it was felt that meat elimination was an ineffective method of dealing with climate change.


This public backlash is good to see as the proposal to put labels on meat, much like the health warnings on cigarettes, is being given serious consideration in Australia, and was experimented on in the UK.


“Australians love eating meat and say limited vegetarian options when dining out is a key barrier to changing their diet, despite more meat-free choices than ever, new research has found.

Key points:

  • A study shows Australians would rather take other actions to help the environment than give up meat
  • Participants cite a lack of vegetarian options when dining out, despite Australia having more than ever, as a barrier to the diet
  • Researchers hope the study will highlight reasons behind people's reluctance to reduce meat consumption

A La Trobe University study asked more than 700 Facebook account users who lived in Australia about their beliefs on climate change, the impact of meat consumption on the environment, and their meat intake.

The report found respondents, who were aged between 18 and 84, believed reducing and eliminating meat intake were ineffective ways to address climate change.

They reported low willingness to engage in either action, despite participants showing increased awareness of meat-eating impacts on the environment.

"Although past research has shown that animal agriculture contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, our participants believed reducing and eliminating meat intake to be some of the least effective actions against climate change," co-author and provisional psychologist from La Trobe University Ashley Rattenbury said.

'I like eating meat'

Australians are among the biggest meat-eaters in the world, a trend the study highlighted.

In 2020, the World Economic Forum reported that Australia had the world's second-highest annual meat consumption per capita in 2018, behind the United States.

Two thirds of the La Trobe University study participants said having limited options when eating out was a barrier to adopting a vegetarian diet.”



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Saturday, 24 February 2024

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