Anyone Still for a Coup? By Charles Taylor (Florida)

The time for talking about a US coup is long past re the stolen election. In fact, it would not have been a coup at all if Trump had acted when he should have. But now the entire military are Leftist clones of Hillary Clinton, so just forget it. Why General Flynn would make such remarks defies comprehension, since the Biden regime will use this as more proof that the Trumpers need imprisonment, if only they did not need these people for food and basic resources! If Flynn had advocated a general strike to bring the system to its knees, all legal, he might get somewhere. Talk of a Myanmar coup is detrimental to freedom.

“Former national security adviser Michael Flynn spoke at a QAnon conference in Dallas this weekend.

When asked about the coup in Myanmar, Flynn said that “it should happen here.”

Myanmar’s military overthrew the democratically elected government and has killed hundreds.

Michael Flynn, who served as President Donald Trump’s national security advisor, told a crowd at a QAnon conference in Dallas this weekend that the US should have a coup like the one in Myanmar.

On February 1, Myanmar’s military overthrew its democratically elected government and arrested its leaders. The coup immediately sparked protests across the country, prompting the junta to launch a campaign against its own citizens.

Upward of 800 Burmese people, including at least 40 children, have been killed, according to Myanmar’s Assistance Association for Political Prisoners. More than 4,000 people have been arrested.

Flynn, who has become a prominent figure in the QAnon conspiracy theory, was a main attraction at the event, held at the Omni Hotel in Dallas.

In a video shared on Twitter, an attendee asks Flynn: “I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can’t happen here.”

The crowd immediately cheers, followed by Flynn’s response: “No reason. I mean, it should happen here

QAnon communities have praised the Myanmar coup and endorsed the idea that it should happen in the US, according to Media Matters for America.

In 2017, Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his communications with Russia. He later accused the Justice Department of entrapment and moved to withdraw his guilty plea. In November, Trump pardoned him.”


It is amazing that QAnon is still around, with all its failed predictions, but I suppose it has its role in the grand conspiracy. And, while I once like General Flynn, now I have my suspicions.





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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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