Any Excuse for Burning, Rioting and Murder By Charles Taylor

     There has been  so much holier than thouism about the Trump appointment of a new Supreme Court judge to replace the uber-feminist beauty, whatever her name was. So, one would have thought that the Rule of Law mattered to the ever-disgusting Left. But, not so, for given the decision of a Kentucky grand jury not to bring murder charges against the officers involved in the shooting of Black Breona Taylor, it was … go to it boys, or rather, Left-wing white women and diverse folk, time to get back to the business of burning, and of course, shooting two white cops as a pay back. First, here is a coverage of the rioting, the usual stuff by antifa, Leftist women and diversity, going mad. If it was not so dangerous, it would be hilarious. The narrative is that racist police came up to the door of Taylor and her boyfriend and just opened fire, killing her, having nothing better to do. The reality is that the boyfriend, after police identified themselves, opened fire through the door at police, they returned fire, and Taylor was collateral damage, not a victim of racism, an accidental killing. It was the boyfriend’s fault. But old Joe Biden has gone on about justice for Taylor. Well, stop criminals shooting through doors, stop Democrats lying and stirring up crazies engaging in riots, violence, and attempted murder. Time to put the rioters in super-maximum federal prisons, and to have nation-wide castle doctrine and no gun control for law-abiding citizens. If Black people feel that they are being subjected to violence, or Whites for that matter, then they should arm up and exercise their Second Amendment rights, rights you Aussies do not have, but should have had from Federation, in your constitution.

“The Kentucky Police Department on Wednesday confirmed that two police officers were shot during violent protests in reaction to the decision by a grand jury not to indict police officers for the death of Breonna Taylor.
Both officers were being treated in the hospital, Acting Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Robert Schroeder confirmed in a press conference and both were stable. One officer was currently undergoing surgery. One suspect is in police custody Schroeder said that the injuries were “non-life-threatening” and that the department would not release the names of the officers. “I am very concerned about the safety of our officers,” he said. “Obviously we’ve had two officers shot tonight and that is very serious. It’s a very dangerous condition.” The two officers were shot at approximately 8:30 p.m. Police officers and National Guard troops were spotted by reporters guarding the hospital where the officers were being treated.”

     That is how it goes in anarcho-tyranny. The BLM types clearly believe that all of their tribe are immune to the rule of law and are free to do what they will, and any comeback by the police and legal system is racist, and at mention of that word, Whites are supposed to dissolve in a puddle of pee. Well, things are not going to have a happy ending, because any society can only put up with just so much, before bursting like a rotten piece of fruit.



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Thursday, 18 July 2024

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