Antifa Violence at the MAGA March By Charles Taylor


After the Washington DC Million MAGA March, antifa decided to pick off families and anyone vulnerable, bashing one guy from behind, after he had resisted a frontal assault by a pack of these scumbags. The police, I think, deliberately herded people towards antifa. The Proud Boys responded to this violence, easily defending vulnerable people, and bingo, the legacy media then ran the line that they were the ones initiating violence! At this point, only their side will believe this. The footage from the scene shows the lies of the legacy media. About 25 of these black clad hyenas attacked one older guy, probably a returned vet, who fought them off. Not a bad effort at all for a lad.  Me, I had a heavy-duty olive walking stick I made.  Three antifa urban terrorists eyed me, saw the stick, then decided not to bash this semi-crippled ex-marine.

“The Million MAGA March took place on Saturday. On the one hand, there were tens of thousands of Trump supporters who showed up. They were cheerful, left no mess, sang, chanted “USA,” and prayed. Many children were there with their families. On the other hand, the BLM and Antifa crowd appeared too, when many Trump supporters had gone home. Like hyenas picking off the young in a herd, the BLM and Antifa supporters brutally attacked people, including children and the elderly.

I wasn’t there, but I put together photos and videos people posted on Twitter. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Twitter refused to allow the hashtag #MillionMAGAMarch to trend. Still, Twitter does offer the best collection of “you are there (even when it’s really scary”) images. …

Snarky leftists claim that more people attended the women’s march in 2017. Perhaps they did. The women who attended that march didn’t have to worry about Trump supporters brutally attacking them, their mothers, and their children. When you go to a Trump rally, you always take the risk that Antifa and BLM mobs will show up and, taking their cue from all fascist organizations, use violence to silence their opposition. I’ll open this part of the photo and video essay with BLM/Antifa’s guiding principle. There’s a language warning for the remainder of this post:

Every single f**king a**hole at the #MillionMAGAMarch deserves to be knocked the f**k out. You don't need a justification to punch a fascist, you just do it.

— CataclysmicFae (@SilliestPone) November 15, 2020


The above post has a large number of videos showing the evil things done by antifa, all ignored by the legacy media. But, we have all come to expect that by now, and there is much more to come. Is it any wonder that these mainstream media entities are now in serious financial trouble? Seventy million trump supporters can start to make a hell of a dent in the economics of the enemy.



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Sunday, 21 July 2024

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