Anti-British Sentiment Comes Down to This Now By Richard Miller (London)

The recent banning of a student for saying “rule Britannia,” during a debate at her university for using “discriminatory of racist” language shows how insane the woke culture has become. The British past is defined as racist by these universities, who are fed by the tax payer, who has no say about what these cesspools do. I agree with your James Reed that the universities need to be closed down and replaced by vocational/trade centres, eliminating the Arts/farts disciplines, the source of all the mischief.

“A student has been banned from a university union for saying 'Rule Britannia' during a debate about the British Army. 

19-year-old Elizabeth Heverin was reprimanded by officials at Aberdeen University Students’ Association after using “discriminatory or racist language”. 

It came after a fellow student complained about her use of the phrase. 

The student referenced the song in a virtual hustings on the British Army's presence on UK university campuses, and was subsequently banned from all students’ union buildings, debates and services for two weeks. 

Ms Heverin told The Telegraph: “It feels like I’ve been prosecuted for the crime of being patriotic.

“It’s scary to think where freedom of speech at the university will go from here.” 

The online meeting, which was held in December, questioned the presence of military personnel on campus and asked international students if it would make them feel uncomfortable due to links with colonialism.

Ms Heverin, a first-year history and politics student, then asked: “If the British military makes them feel uncomfortable why did they come to a British uni?” 

In a second post, she wrote: “Rule, Britannia.”



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Monday, 27 June 2022