Another Embalmer Speaks Up on the Fibrous Clot Issue By Chris Knight (Florida)

Natural has covered in detail the shocking blood clots that have been found by embalmers in bodies, all of whom have been Covid vaxxed. There was at first only one embalmer who came forward on this issue, Richard Hirschman, but others are anonymously coming forward and confirming the same finding. Needless to say, there is no record of this phenomenon before the Covid vaccine rollouts, and most likely is one adverse effects of an experimental vaccine. It indicates that the vaxxes are producing the sort of damage that is described in another article at this site today dealing with the issue of reproductive harms of the vaxxes.

“An experienced anonymous embalmer has stepped up and contacted Dr. Jane Ruby to show her pictures of horrible white fibrous clots pulled out of bodies as part of the preparations for embalming.

“Several days ago, I was contacted by another embalmer who has been finding these never before seen [before 2021] clots being pulled out of bodies,” Ruby said. According to the “Live with Dr. Jane Ruby host, the embalmer was having trouble inserting the embalming tools because there were obstructions. This is when they found the “disgusting, grotesque, white, fibrous, and slimy “clots.

“Right now, this person wants their identity kept private. The person worries for their own safety, but is courageous enough to bring these forward,” Ruby said and proceeded to thank the anonymous embalmer for sending the pictures.

“You’re an American hero. I know you feel this is a very frightening thing to do. Society and humanity owe you a debt just like it does Mr. [Richard] Hirschman and the other embalmers who have come to my attention and whose work will be brought out like this one today.”

One picture showed the abnormal, fibrous clot beside a normal, gel-like blood clot to show the difference. The anonymous embalmer said most of these came out of the neck vessels of not just one cadaver but of multiple deceased individuals, who were mostly in their early 20s. They were also able to verify that 100 percent of them were jabbed with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

According to Ruby, the whistleblower’s revelation shared the same details as what Hirschman revealed a few months ago. The embalmer came out after seeing “unnatural blood clots combinations with strange fibrous materials” clogging the arteries and veins of the deceased approximately six months after the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out. 


Ruby said she is waiting right now for the secondary chemical analysis of Hirschman’s samples, which were sent to Health Ranger Mike Adams for further examination.

FDA authorized shots to children as young as six months of age

Ruby, horrified by the photos that showed the freaky clots of different sizes, said babies and toddlers are about to be sacrificed at the altar of depopulation now that the U.S. government has just authorized the bio-weapon shots for six-month-old babies and toddlers.

“Please don’t let babies and children get this. Please do whatever you can to stop them. Talk to the parents. Show them the pictures. Take a screenshot, and do whatever you can do because babies are going to start dying horrific deaths. They’re not going to be able to survive this,” Ruby pleaded.

On June 17, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted an emergency authorization (EUA) for mRNA vaccines to be injected into babies as young as six months old.

FDA admitted that even though Pfizer’s clinical trial “was determined not to be reliable due to the low number of COVID-19 cases that occurred in the study participants,” the FDA still pushed through with the authorization to administer the vaccines to the younger population.

“As with all vaccines for any population, when authorizing COVID-19 vaccines intended for pediatric age groups, the FDA ensures that our evaluation and analysis of the data is rigorous and thorough,” FDA top official Dr. Peter Marks said in a statement.

Brian Hooker, chief scientific officer for Children’s Health Defense, told the Epoch Times before Moderna and Pfizer were granted EUA: “From an efficacy standpoint, it makes absolutely no sense to approve these products.”




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Monday, 04 March 2024

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