Andrews Made Melbourne into “Hellbourne”! By James Reed

One of my favourite blogs,, takes a more conventional approach to my own take on Andrews getting the AC award. It is heart-felt outrage, anger. They quote former premier Jeff Kennett, whom I hated at the time, but now looks like a saint compared to what we in Victoria have been served up with. The Kennett article is extracted too today at the blog. But the punch-in-the-face summary from Marcobusiness, is spot on, sadly: "Hellbourne is today a violent and angry sh**hole unrecognisable from pre-COVID years."

Pardon the French, but you just have to walk around the city, if you want to risk it, to see the decay, from the druggies to tent cities. Let us not forget the role of PM Albo in all this too, partners in the destruction of Oz.

"Jeff Kennett is right:

Victorians, every Australian should be outraged that the individual who has so destroyed the opportunities for generations in this state has been granted the highest civilian award in Australia.

In doing so, the awards under the Order of Australia have been devalued beyond recognition.

In awarding the highest honour to Mr Andrews, the Governor-General, and the Secretariat that manages the awarding of honours, have rewarded gross financial mismanagement of Victoria, the deaths of more than 800 Victorians, and manifest failure of Mr Andrews to discharge his responsibilities under the Westminster system.

Worse the awarding of the AC to Mr Andrews reeks of political interference and direction to the Governor-General and the Secretariat.

I agree. Dan Andrews wrecked Melbourne. My one lasting regret on this blog is that I supported lockdowns as long as I did.

This is turning the King's birthday awards into a form of the Logies: corrupt and partisan decisions made to perpetuate the myth of the ruling class's popularity.

Hellbourne is today a violent and angry sh**hole unrecognisable from pre-COVID years.

Giving Dan Andrews an award is more of the gaslighting that got it here." 



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Wednesday, 24 July 2024

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