An Example of What is Wrong with the White “Resistance” “Movement” By Brian Simpson

     I have made many critiques at the journal American Renaissance, supposedly a race realist, and pro-white publication. My critiques have been about its Asianism, championing a blunt, “East Asians are smarter than us whites,” thesis, when there is academic controversy about this, as I covered a few years back in my IQ papers. If this was so, why bother, so help the Asians, as if they would need help from intellectual inferiors! But, let that be water under the bridge. Surely in this time of crisis, if Biden gets in, it is pretty much over for everything Jared Taylor has championed, although East Asia will be fine. Yet, we find this crazy liberalism, where to be “fair” they publish a piece giving the case for Biden:

“Finally, President Trump is a dishonest demagogue. The Washington Post has counted over 18,000 “false or misleading claims” he has made since taking office. He is not a “redeemer” of whites or the working class. He is a liar whose tenure benefits oligarchs far more than anyone else. The Republican Party has become the party of the white working class — but it is not the party for them. I will be voting for Joe Biden.”

     Wow, as if Biden is not that a thousand times over. This piece basically lists the problems with Trump, but does not show that Biden solves any of them. Biden is supposed to be better on a few economic issues, while his national lockdown, and China worship, will sink the entire economy. Fortunately, the comments on this article by readers sink it totally, showing that readers are probably clearer thinking than the author, and editors. If they want America to survive, they need to see that they have a battle for their very existence at hand, and need to stop liberal fetishisms. Anyway,, a sister publication I think, is in my opinion, much better than American Renaissance, and has published many fine articles that I have been proud to quote for our readers. And, there is still a wealth of good material in American Renaissance, but there are things that I find problematic.



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Wednesday, 12 June 2024

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