Amazing, Non-Citizen Voters, A Coming By James Reed

     What value Australian citizenship? Nothing, nothing at all, it seems:

“A parliamentary committee reviewing the May federal election has been told more than 2.2 million people living in Australia are being denied a vote because they are not citizens. French-born graphic designer Sylvain Garcia, who has lived in Australia for eight years, has urged the electoral matters committee to overturn a law change made in 1981 that restricted the right to vote to citizens, rather than permanent residents. "Today, at 29 years old, I feel more Australian than French," he wrote in his submission. "I know many permanent residents feel the same and I can't help but wonder why this huge chunk of people living in Australia cannot be part of the decisions made for the country."

     Mr Garcia cited Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showing there were 2.2 million permanent residents who are not citizens. Probably this move is made, as has been done across the West, because these people would generally support the Labor Party, or for America, the Democrats. As for being “deprived of a vote,” well the entire population of Third World is deprived of an Australian vote too, so should we let them decide Australia’s electoral fate?



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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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