All the Referendum News By Bruce Bennett

     The “indigenous recognition campaign ditched”, headline, refers to the abandonment of the Recognise Campaign, which gobbled up tens of millions of our taxpayer’s dollars over the last five years. This is a specific campaign, distinct from the entire referendum issue.

     Therefore, do not mistake this piece of news for any end of the Aboriginal constitutional recognition threat. Aboriginalists and the politically correct establishment have abandoned any “minimalist” proposal, and have showed their true colours, by now advocating substantial constitutional reform, with a referendum probably being held in May 2018. The main issue will be to add an indigenous voice to parliament, which I see as being to implant a new Aboriginal overlord committee to rule over Australia. As every law impacts on Aboriginals, there will be an influence over all Australian laws, and the culture of subservience set up. The sovereignty of parliament will be lost, and that is the clear agenda.

     This one needs to be fought tooth and nail. And, sitting right alongside of it is the same sex marriage postal vote issue, which is already resulting in unexpected controversy:

     Anyone disagreeing with the “Yes” side, as with anything, will be tarred and feathered as being intolerant, as one opinion put it on the front page of The Weekend Australian, August 12-13, 2017, p.1.

     So be it. If your Christian faith or morality requires this, then, that is that. The chattering class like to say that the Australian people overwhelmingly support same sex marriage, just like with the indigenous recognition issue. Well, let’s prove them wrong, as was done back in the Republic vote, which is fast coming too.

     Hopefully, the tidal waves of history, coming from the fault lines of civilisation in the United States, will wash over this ideologically dry, slow, sleepy land, and shake the flimsy foundations of the edifice that the local globalists have constructed. Let us hope that history wipes away all trace of the present pc regime.



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Sunday, 03 March 2024

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